Bradley R. Smith

Bradley R. Smith was born in Los Angeles on February 18, 1930. At 18 he joined the army and in 1951 served with the infantry in Korea where he was twice wounded. After three decades of a variety of professional activities, it suddenly hit him: In 1979 he read a leaflet by Professor Robert Faurisson, "The Problem of the Gas Chambers." Then, Arthur Butz’s The Hoax of the Twentieth Century did it for him. He understood from the beginning that he would address the censorship, the suppression of independent thought, the taboo against publishing and debating revisionist arguments—not the arguments themselves. That has remained his position. In 1989 Smith founded Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) dedicated to defending free speech and free inquiry into the Holocaust question.

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Smith's Report, no. 183 English 2011-07-01
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Zan Overall: “The Wise Old Man” English 2012-09-20
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Outlaw History #32, Inside the Nazi State: A Community of Artists. A Review English 2005-01-21
Outlaw History #7, Terrorism Is as Terrorism Does English 2004-11-06
Smith's Report, no. 138 English 2007-01-05
"German Quarterly" Betrays American Ideal of a Free Press English 1984-10-01
Smith's Journal, Nov-95 English 1995-01-11
What They Talk About When They Talk About Hate English 1999-11-01
Garaudy brings revisionism to the Arabs; Abbe Pierre stands fast in France English 1996-10-01
The Committee for Open Discussion of the Holocaust Story (CODOH) offers $100,000! English 1997-01-08
A Journal: February 1979 English 1979-01-02
Revisionism's Inroads Shock the Lobby, On Campuses, in Media, at the U.N.! English 1998-07-01
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Smith's Report, no. 168 English 2010-01-01
Doug Christie and Bishop Tutu? It might have been English 2013-05-26
Smith's Report, no. 189 English 2012-02-01
Smith's Report, no. 158, cover letter English 2009-02-11
How the ADL and the USHMM Choose to Evade the Issue of One (only) Class of Nazi Collaborators English 2014-03-16
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Smith's Report, no. 143 English 2007-01-10
Simon Wiesenthal Screws the "Los Angeles Herald Examiner" English 1984-10-01
The Holocaust Story: How Much is False?, The Case for Open Debate English 1991-04-04
Introduction to Tangled Web: Zionism and the Holocaust -- The Consequences (1996) English 1996-01-01