Richard A. Widmann

Richard A. Widmann is the author of many revisionist articles and reviews including "How Fahrenheit 451 Trends Threaten Intellectual Freedom." Mr. Widmann has been published in Christian News, The Journal of Historical Review, The Last Ditch, The Revisionist, Smith's Report, and Vierteljahreschefte für freie Geschichtsforschung. He is the editor of Inconvenient History.

Documents by this author:
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Title Language Published
War Is Declared!, Editorial English 2013-04-01
Diagnosis without Cure, A Review English 2002-08-01
Auschwitz: A Re-evaluation (1996) English 1994-01-01
Inconvenient History 2013: The Year in Review English 2014-02-13
The Night the Dams Burst, A Review English 2011-12-01
Banned Books and Unmentionable Books, The Hypocrisy of the American Library Association English 2006-09-30
Death Dealer, The Memoirs of the SS Kommandant at Auschwitz. A Review English 1997-01-01
James J. Martin, Profiles in History English 2009-08-01
At War's End, Editorial English 2010-12-01
The Pope, Madonna, and Germar Rudolf English 2006-01-10
The Wiesenthal Center's Misguided Struggle English 1999-11-01
German Poison Gas (1914 - 1944) (2008) English 2008-01-07
Historical Revisionism and Popular Opinion, Editorial English 2013-07-01
The Changing Definition of 'Holocaust', A Review English 2001-11-01
We Demand Justice! English 2009-01-02
Hate, Hikind, and History English 2013-10-30
Holocaust Denial and Anti-Semitism, Editorial English 2011-12-01
With Regard to Your Article "Don't Even Think It" English 2005-12-10
Banged Up: Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century Europe, by David Irving, A Review English 2009-01-12
The Challenge to Revisionism, Editorial English 2009-08-01
The Inconvenient History of the German Expellees, Editorial English 2011-04-01
The Holocaust: The New Founding Myth of American Society English 2007-01-12
"Hitler's Hidden Holocaust", The Documentary fails to deliver. A Review English 2009-01-09
How Fahrenheit 451 Trends Threaten Intellectual Freedom English 1998-02-14
Charles Callan Tansill, Profiles in History English 2013-10-01
Photo Fakery Exposed!, A Review English 2000-08-01
El Caso del Obispo Richard Williamson Spanish 2009-01-03
The First Casualty, Editorial English 2009-12-01
Bookburning in the Style of 2011, Editorial English 2012-04-01
Incitement to Hate? English 2006-01-10
Vivian Bird: Auschwitz – The Final Count, A Review English 1999-01-01
Totalitarian Liberalism, Editorial English 2009-10-01
The Delusion of the Twentieth Century, A Review English 2011-07-01
The Holocaust in Microcosm, Gene Siskel on "Schindler's List" English 1997-01-03
The Great Holocaust Trial, A Review English 1996-01-01
"Not Guilty at Nuremberg". Post censored from English 1995-12-15
Hate, Hikind and History, Editorial English 2013-10-01
Transfers to the Reich, The Unregistered Inmates of Auschwitz English 2001-07-01
Facing up to the Truth, A Review English 2000-03-01
451 Grad Fahrenheit, Über die Bedrohung der intellektuellen Freiheit German 1998-02-14