Arthur R. Butz

Dr. Arthur R. Butz was born and raised in New York City. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1965 he received his doctorate in Control Sciences from the University of Minnesota. In 1966 he joined the faculty of Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois), where he is now Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences. Dr. Butz is the author of numerous technical papers. Since 1980 he has been a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of The Journal of Historical Review, published by the Institute for Historical Review.

Dr. Butz is the author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The case against the presumed extermination of European Jewry, first published in 1976, and a number of minor revisionist papers. For those writings he has been vilified and ostracized ever since.

Documents by this author:
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Title Language Published
The Vatican During the "Holocaust" English 1998-05-05
Robert A. Graham English 1998-05-05
The Survivor & War and Love, Book Reviews English 1986-12-01
Vergasungskeller: Final Chapter? English 2007-01-07
New book claims Heinrich Himmler was murdered English 2005-08-28
Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Letters English 2000-08-01
Jailing Opinions, A Review English 2006-12-29
Shmuel Krakowski on Eyewitesses English 1996-05-16
The Pope in Jerusalem English 2000-03-16
The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry English 2003-09-01
Another Look at the 'Vergasungskeller' Question, The Nagging 'Gassing Cellar' Problem English 1997-07-01
Capacity and Role of the Auschwitz Crematoria English 2007-01-07
Butz and "Pop the Top" English 1997-08-18
A short introduction to the study of Holocaust revisionism English 1991-05-13
Why Did the Heavens not Darken?, Book Review English 1989-10-01
Circumventing Internet Blocking With Tor English 2009-12-26
Iranian President Ahmadinejad's remarks on the Jewish "Holocaust" English 2005-12-18
The Faurisson Affair, A Review English 1980-12-01
On the 1944 Deportations of Hungarian Jews, A Reply to Jürgen Graf English 2000-10-01
Peter Sagal's "Denial", Movie Review English 1998-05-05
Jewish Testimonies in the Postwar Era English 1996-06-06
"Hoax of the Twentieth Century:" Availability English 2005-12-28
Sir Henry Strakosch "a Jew"? English 2003-11-01
Gas Detectors in Auschwitz Crematory II, A 'Criminal Trace'? English 1997-03-04
Vergasungskeller English 1996-08-06
Jerzy Bielski and the Auschwitz Gas Chambers, Letter 13 September 1999 to the "Sydney Morning Herald" on George Ryba article English 1999-10-31
Contexte historique et perspective d'ensemble dans la controverse sur l'"Holocauste" English 1990-01-08
A Brief Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism, Historical News and Comment English 1991-07-01
The Allies and the "Holocaust" English 1996-09-25
Dr. Fredrick Töben returns to Australia English 1999-12-16
Unanswered Correspondence English 1981-10-01
The Greatest Dirty Open Secret English 2001-01-15
Una rápida introducción al estudio del revisionismo del Holocausto Spanish 1991-05-13
Attitude of Jewish Leaders Outside Europe During WWII English 1996-05-05
Conjecture borne out: Himmler was murdered English 2005-06-11
Robert Faurisson – A Long View English 2004-02-01
Robert Graham and Revisionism English 1998-03-01
German Concentration Camps English 1996-05-05
They Committed Suicide? English 1997-11-18