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How influential are Jewish pressure groups and individuals in the world, in western nations, and specifically in the U.S.? Is this influence too great or too small? Is it beneficial or detrimental? Far from providing a ready answer, CODOH offers the views of others for contemplation.

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Dalton, T. The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1 English 2013-07-01
Rucker, J. 102 Years of American Satrapy, A Comment English 2013-07-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #18, Congressman Tom Lantos, Elie Wiesel, and the Exploitation of the Auschwitz Story English 2004-12-16
Yudelson, L. New Holocaust museum director promotes the uniqueness of the Jewish genocide English 1995-01-03
Curtiss, R. Pro-Israel Jews Play Ominous Role in Clinton Administration English 1998-01-01
Smith, B. God Bless the Hillel Rabbis English 2000-01-03
Grubach, P. Broken Alliance: The Turbulent Times between Blacks and Jews in America, Book Review English 1990-04-01
Lilienthal, A. The Holocaust Issue and Middle East Policy English 1993-07-01
Grubach, P. Tony Blair and Holocaust Revisionism, An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain English 2006-11-03
Grubach, P. Tony Blair, David Irving and Holocaust Revisionism, An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of Great Britain English 2006-11-21
Schaub, B. Switzerland in the Grip of the ‘Traditional Enemy’ English 1997-07-01
Rudolf, G. Jewish Supremacism, A Review English 2003-11-01
Smith, B. Intellectual Freedom and the Holocaust Controversy English 1994-06-06
Faurisson, R. The Leaders of the Arab States should Quit their Silence on the Imposture of the "Holocaust" , Written for the Beirut Conference on Revisionism and Zionism English 2001-09-01
Wikoff, J. Hollywood Goes to War, A Review English 1988-04-01
Ries, J. Waldheim, Book Review English 1988-07-01
Grubach, P. George Bush and the Iran Holocaust Revisionist, An Open Letter to the President of the United States English 2006-12-12
Sobran, J. Spielberg's Nazis, Movie Review English 1994-05-01
Collins, D. "Swindler's List", Movie Review English 1994-05-01
Grubach, P. What is the Real Racial/Ethnic Agenda of the ADL? English 2012-07-31
Faurisson, R. Milices juives, Quinze ans – et plus – de terrorisme, en France French 1995-06-01
Sobran, J. Labels and Libels English 2000-03-01
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Roth, P. Operation Shylock: A Confession English 1996-01-01
Grubach, P. Does "International Jewry" Exist?, Grubach Contra Herf English 2006-01-09
Grubach, P. Did the Zionist Lobby Drive the US Into the Iraq War? English 2006-01-01
Grubach, P. What is the real Racial/Ethnic agenda of the ADL? English 2004-01-01
Grubach, P. George Bush, War With Iran, and Holocaust Revisionism, An Open Letter to the President of the United States English 2007-09-25
Mccloskey, P. Machinations of the Anti-Defamation League English 2001-12-01
Weber, M. Zionism and the Third Reich English 1993-07-01
Raven, G. Schindler’s List, Movie Review English 1994-05-01
Neff, D. Lyndon Johnson Was First to Align US Policy With Israel's English 1996-11-01
Brandon, L. Jews on Judaism English 1980-10-01
Sniegoski, S. The War on Iraq: Conceived in Israel English 2003-08-01
Dunskus, T. The Terror Did not Begin with Stalin, A Review English 2004-08-01
Jackson, N. A Darkening Shadow, An Australian Defender of Intellectual Freedom Reflects on the Text and Significance of the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism English 2013-10-01
Ennes, J. Israeli Attack on the Liberty Was No Accident English 2002-07-27
Tourney, P. Israel’s ‘Knife in the Back’ Attack Against America English 2002-06-06
O'Keefe, T. Our Mission and the New War English 2001-11-01
Sobran, J. The United States and Israel English 2001-09-01
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