Non-Israeli Zionism

If it weren’t for the ardent support of millions of Zionists throughout the world, modern-day Israel would probably have ceased to exist a long time ago. Zionism is thus a worldwide phenomenon with probably more adherents among Christians than among Jews. Zionists are also at the forefront of those battling revisionism, although much more with persecution and prosecution rather than with arguments. Papers in this section deal with this fifth column of Israel.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Grubach, P. The Significance of the Holocaust Revisionist Statements of President Ahmadinejad English 2006-10-30
Grubach, P. The Holocaust as Sacred Myth and Ideology English 2007-01-01
Sabi, I. A Political Prisoner in Israel English 1997-07-14
Johnson, E. Prophecy and Politics English 1986-12-01
Wilcox, L. Extremist Traits: Portrait of a Zionist English 1997-10-21
Macvie, E. The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics English 2012-04-01
Brownfeld, A. Zionism and Anti-Semitism: A Strange Alliance Through History English 1998-07-01
Lilienthal, A. Zionism & American Jews English 1981-07-01
Bolton, K. Roots of Present World Conflict English 2014-08-29
The TransCyberian Express The Anatomy of a Hoax English 1996-01-01
Sensor, W. The Fraud of Zionism English 2000-01-01
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Weber, M. Learning from the September 11 Attacks English 2002-03-01
Grubach, P. Israel and the United States English 2007-01-01
Glynn, M. Crucifixion of the Jews Must Stop! English 1919-10-31
Faurisson, R. Milices juives French 1995-06-01
Grubach, P. Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard English 2002-01-01
Smith, B. CODOHWeb Helping to Set the Record Straight on Zionism, Israel and the Palestinians English 1997-09-01
Smith, B. Victory in Baja! A Revisionist Dream Comes True English 2007-06-10
Rucker, J. Hugh S. Gibson, the First Holocaust Revisionist English 2016-11-28
Heddesheimer, D. The First Holocaust English 2003-01-01
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