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The slow genocide against the Palestinians and the Western World’s aggressive anti-Arabism (and anti-Islamism) are indirect consequences of Holocaust propaganda. Papers listed in this section deal with this entanglement of flawed historiography and skewed politics, leading to catastrophic results worldwide.

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Author Document Language Published
Doyle, A. Croppy, Lie Down!, Lessons from the Irish Intifada English 2002-08-01
Grubach, P. Did the Zionist Lobby Drive the US Into the Iraq War? English 2006-01-01
Thion, S. European History and the Arab World English 1993-01-01
Shamir, I. The Lousiness Test English 2000-10-31
Faurisson, R. Geostrategic effects of Revisionism: the Iranian lesson English 2008-06-05
Faurisson, R. Benedict XVI Denounces the Absence of “Reason” among the Moslems English 2006-09-23
Grubach, P. The Holocaust Ideology: A Threat to Human Life English 1991-01-06
Grubach, P. The Holocaust as an Ideological Danger English 2008-01-01
Faurisson, R. For Hossein Amiri English 2006-02-04
Smith, B. MacKenzie Paine: A Truth-Seeking Missile, An Obituary English 2002-01-08
Brewer, G. The Path from the World Trade Center to Peace English 2002-03-01
Sommers, E. On Terror and Its other Names English 2002-03-01
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Sobran, J. In Our Hands English 1996-06-13
Scott, F. The Holocaust, Palestine and Israel: Revision, Denial and Myth English 2005-01-01
Sobran, J. Johnson's conduct toward Israel approached treason English 1989-01-01
Sobran, J. Allies: Don't Let Our Soldiers Die!, Did Israel deliberately allow 241 American Marines to die? A Review English 1991-01-01
Sobran, J. American Palestinian boy tortured, slain; is this not terror? English 1989-08-28
Smith, B. Why do Islamic Radicals Want to Kill Americans? English 2002-06-01
Smith, B. The Palestinians are Doing it all Wrong English 2002-01-01
Shamir, I. Vampire Killers English 2001-03-14
Shamir, I. Summer Fool, Winter Fool English 2001-02-04
Shamir, I. Joseph Revisited English 2001-03-03
Shamir, I. Galilee Flowers English 2001-02-25
Shamir, I. Kid Sister English 2001-02-17
Shamir, I. Rape of Dulcinia English 2001-01-27
Smith, B. Amos Oz and the Art of the Bluff English 2002-08-01
Smith, B. Men of Principle English 2002-06-01
Brewer, G. Whatever Happened to Israel? English 2002-03-01
Olodogma Israele-Palestina: Dieci «domande indiscrete»...di Alberto Bernardino Mariantoni Italian 2012-11-14
Olodogma 1L'ambigua evidenza. L'identità ebraica tra razza e nazione.Un libro di Gianantonio Valli,recensione Italian 2012-11-29
Widmann, R. One State with Equal Rights of Citizenship for All English 2011-07-09
Widmann, R. The Hypocritical Double Standard that Surrounds Questioning and Debunking the "Holocaust" English 2012-10-20
Kues, T. A second open letter to Deborah Lipstadt: Does the World's Most Prominent Opponent of "Holocaust Denial" Harbor a Hypocritical Double Standard on "Racist Nationalism?" English 2012-10-21
Olodogma Polonia: l'ambasciatore dell'entità ebraico-sionista di Palestina: la negazione dell'olocausto deve finire! Italian 2013-03-24
Olodogma Il Sarchiapone (1°) o dell'idiota accusa di antisemitismo come antiebraismo. Donald Sassoon sulla «Mappa delle identità ebraiche» Italian 2013-03-26
Olodogma Lo Stato per Soli ebrei (SSE) in Palestina: L’assoluta oscenità del razzismo esclusivistico ebraico Italian 2013-04-02
Olodogma Egregio Lord "dichiarazione di Balfour", il complotto sionista Italian 2013-04-17
Olodogma Gianluca Freda: Chi iniziò la seconda guerra mondiale? Italian 2013-04-21
Olodogma israele è : un imbroglio diplomatico, istituzionale, religioso, economico, societario... Italian 2013-05-02
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