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Author Document Language Published
Konkin Iii, S. The Last Liberal Historian: A. J. P. Taylor, March 25, 1906 – Sept. 7, 1990 English 1990-12-01
Faurisson, R. The Death of a Distinguished Lawyer, Doug Christie, "the Battling Barrister" English 2013-07-01
Weber, M. In Europe: Further Legal Persecution of Revisionists English 1993-09-01
Weber, M. No Punishment for Polish ‘Holocaust Denier’ English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. 'Alternative History' in France English 1998-03-01
Nawratil, H. A "Diatribe" in Honor of Dr. Alfred Schickel English 1990-04-01
Weber, M. The Changing Story: Early Doubts English 1997-07-01
Widmann, R. Charles Callan Tansill English 2013-10-01
Weber, M. Ivor Benson English 1993-05-01
Weber, M. William Lindsey English 1993-05-01
Weber, M. Doug Collins Honored English 1993-05-01
Alexander, J. Two Biographical Works Examine the Life of a Great British Historian and Military Thinker English 1993-05-01
Weber, M. Martin Larson English 1994-05-01
Weber, M. French Courts Punish Holocaust Apostasy English 1998-03-01
Deckert, G. Günter Deckert Pens a Temporary Farewell English 2013-02-15
Faurisson, R. New Attack Against Faurisson and Rami in Stockholm English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. New Attack Against Faurisson and Rami in Stockholm English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. Victory for Collins and Free Speech in Holocaust Heresy Battle English 1998-01-01
Collins, D. Retirement, 'Nuremberg' and Auschwitz 'Rambo' English 1997-04-20
Jackson, N. Reflections on the Life of John Bennett of Melbourne, Civil Libertarian and Culture Hero English 2013-08-18
Weber, M. Dr. Karl Otto Braun: A Memorial Tribute English 1988-12-01
Diwald, H. An Interview with Hellmut Diwald: Truth-Seeking Historiography English 1980-03-01
Weber, M. In Memoriam: Ranjan Borra English 1984-04-01
Weber, M. Otto-Ernst Remer Sentenced to 22 Months Imprisonment for Revisionist Publications English 1993-03-01
Graf, J. Switzerland: Prison Term for ‘Holocaust Denial’ English 2000-06-01
Marcellus, T. Percy L. Greaves, Jr., 1906-1984 English 1984-12-01
Rudolf, G. Dr. Robert Harvey Countess English 2012-07-31
Weber, M. William Chamberlin: A Man Ahead of His Time English 1994-11-01
Weber, M. Doug Collins Under New Fire for Holocaust Views English 1994-11-01
Collins, D. "Columnist Blasts News Story" English 1994-10-07
Weber, M. Executive Fired for Translating "Journal" Items English 1995-05-01
Weber, M. Computer Prodigy Pioneers Cyberspace Revisionism English 1995-07-01
Gannon, D. My 'Invasion' of the Computer Networks English 1995-07-01
Un Piéton de Paris L'affaire Garaudy French 1996-01-04
Weber, M. Revilo P. Oliver: 1910-1994 English 1994-09-01
Weber, M. Dissident German Historian Punished for Revisionist Writings English 1998-10-01
Weber, M. Revisionist Activism in Sweden English 1998-10-01
Weber, M. Remer Seeks Asylum in Spain English 1995-07-01
Rimland, I. A Message to the Spartans of the Spirit English 2013-09-28
Weber, M. Douglas Reed English 2001-03-01
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