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Author Document Title Language Published
Weber, M. Declaration of Mark Edward Weber English 1982-04-01
Weber, M. Record and Mission of the Institute for Historical Review, Focus on the IHR English 1995-09-01
Weber, M. California Court Rejects Mermelstein's Appeal English 1993-01-01
Raven, G. Record and Mission of the Institute for Historical Review, Focus on the IHR English 1995-09-01
Weber, M. Final Victory in the Mermelstein Case, IHR Prevails in Eleven-Year-Old Legal Battle English 1993-03-01
Weber, M. A Belgian Foundation Battles for Free Speech, Revisionist Center in Flanders Makes Waves English 1996-01-01
CODOH News Arsonists Devastate Revisionist Publisher, ThoughtCrime: 07/04/84 English 1984-07-04
Weber, M. Willis Carto and the IHR English 1993-11-01
Weber, M. Argentina Revisionist Magazine Part of Worldwide Network English 1996-03-01
Raven, G. "The Journal of Historical Review," A Look Back English 1993-11-01
Weber, M. Zaverdinos, Platonov and Graf Join "Journal" Editorial Advisory Committee English 1997-05-01
Smith, B. IHR Prevails against Willis Carto in Missing Millions Case, Carto and the Liberty Lobby Ordered to Pay IHR $10 Million English 1996-12-01
Marcellus, T. About the IHR/Mermelstein Settlement English 1985-08-01
Weber, M. Germar Rudolf Joins Journal Advisory Committee English 2001-01-15
Hartmann, D. The Mermelstein Lie English 2004-12-01
O'Keefe, T. “Best Witness”: Mel Mermelstein, Auschwitz and the IHR English 1994-01-01
Raven, G. The Thought Heard ’Round the World English 2001-05-01
Fusilier, R. Facts, Allegations, and Judicial Notice, Submitted to the California Superior Court in the Case, Mermelstein vs. IHR et al., by Counsel for Defendants English 1982-04-01
Weber, M. In Germany: Revisionist Center Offers 'Truthful History' English 1995-05-01
Weber, M. No to Censorship! No to Bigotry!, An Open Letter to Fourteen Arab Intellectuals English 2001-09-01
Institute For Historical Review A Few Facts About the Institute for Historical Review English 1998-01-03