Campus Project

Bradley R. Smith

"No subject enrages the Thought Police on campus more than Holocaust revisionism. Students are encouraged to debate every other great historical question as a matter of course, but influential pressure groups with private agendas have made the Jewish Holocaust story and exception. I believe students should be encouraged to investigate the Holocaust controversy the same way they are encouraged to investigate every other historical controversy. This isn't a radical point of view. The premises for it were worked out a while back during a little something called the Enlightenment."

Bradley R. Smith, Break His Bones: The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist, p. 99

Starting in the late 1980's, Bradley Smith began a campaign to publish advertisements in college newspapers. The intention was to foster open debate on the Holocaust story throughout the country. What follows is a partial list of those advertisements, reactions to them by students, professors, pressure groups and the media, as well as additional information which has been collected over the years. A few of the ads offered financial compensation for promoting the controversy in a national forum. The terms of these ads have expired and are presented here for historical and research purposes only.

What became known as the "Campus Campaign" was discussed in some detail, albeit a very biased account, in a chapter entitled "The Battle for the Campus" in Deborah Lipstadt's highly subjective book Denying the Holocaust. While Smith argued directly for intellectual freedom and open debate on campus, Lipstadt, a professor, took the opposing view — that ideas, especially dissident ideas regarding the Holocaust story, were not worthy of discussion in America's colleges and universities.

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Author Document Title Language Published
Smith, B. CODOH Sparks Campus Revisionism, In the Dorms, the Lecture Halls, and on the Web English 1998-05-01
Smith, B. Open Letter the "The Beacon", William Patterson University English 2000-08-28
Brewer, G. A Tale of Two Ads English 2000-03-01
Smith, B. The Holocaust Story: How Much is False?, The Case for Open Debate English 1991-04-04
Smith, B. Men & Women, support CODOH today! English 2010-10-20
Smith, B. Smith's Report, no. 7, October 1991 English 1991-10-07
Weber, M. The Holocaust Controversy, The Case for Open Debate English 1991-01-01
Smith, B. "Smith's On-Line Review" coming in September, World's first revisionist magazine to debut in cyberspace English 1996-07-01
Smith, B. The Committee for Open Discussion of the Holocaust Story (CODOH) offers $100,000! English 1997-01-08
Weber, M. Bradley Smith’s "Campus Project" Generates Nationwide Publicity for Holocaust Revisionism, Unprecedented Media Coverage of Holocaust "Open Debate" Campaign English 1994-07-01
Raven, G. Bradley Smith’s "Campus Project" Generates Nationwide Publicity for Holocaust Revisionism, Unprecedented Media Coverage of Holocaust "Open Debate" Campaign English 1994-07-01
Smith, B. Revisionism's Inroads Shock the Lobby, On Campuses, in Media, at the U.N.! English 1998-07-01
Hayes, P. Some plain talk about the Holocaust and Revisionism English 1991-04-11
Smith, B. Revisionist Notebook English 2003-11-01
Smith, B. Smith's Report no. 9, February/March 1992 English 1992-03-01
Smith, B. Holocaust Studies: Appointment With Hate? English 1993-01-01
Smith, B. New Campus Project Blitzkrieg, Student Newspapers Publishing Address of Holocaust Revisionism's High-Tech Headquarters English 1997-02-01
Smith, B. CODOH Makes a $100,000 Offer English 1997-01-08
Weber, M. More Student Papers Publish Smith's 'Open Debate' Advertisement English 1995-07-01
Smith, B. CODOH Ups the Ante for the Anti-Defamation League, Massive Quarter Million Dollar Reward Offer English 1998-09-01
Smith, B. Open Letter to John Silber, Chancellor of Boston University English 2000-09-20
Smith, B. Georgia State University's "The Signal" ran CODOH ad English 1998-09-10
Smith, B. Smith to 'sissy' Hayes: Let's share a beer English 1991-04-17
Smith, B. "Prima Facie": Smith's Report no. 1, April/May 1990 English 1990-04-15
Smith, B. Smith's Report no. 10, July 1992 English 1992-07-01
Smith, B. Proof of "gas chambers?" English 2000-01-06
Smith, B. Mistress Sara Bloomfield of the USHMM and the Codoh Campus Project English 2012-09-20
Smith, B. Volunteers are key in growing Campus Campaign, Ads for CODOHWeb shake ADL English 1997-03-01
Smith, B. CODOH's $50,000 Offer English 1997-01-01
Weber, M. CODOH’s "Revisionist" Distribution Prompts Media Furor English 1999-12-15
Smith, B. Phil Donahue Show, Featuring David Cole and Bradley Smith English 1994-03-14
Smith, B. Ads placed during the academic year 1998-1999, [old version] English 1998-09-30
Sherry, K. Butz fireside canceled after students' protest English 1991-02-28
Smith, B. Smith's Report, no. 3, February 1991 English 1991-02-01
Smith, B. Offense or Defense? English 1995-01-01
Smith, B. List of Colleges Where CODOH Ads Have Run (1991-1995) English 1996-01-01
Overall, Z. Mistress Sara Bloomfield of the USHMM and the Codoh Campus Project English 2012-09-20
Smith, B. ADL coordinates "response" to CODOH's Campus Project English 1997-04-01
Smith, B. The Academic Year 1999-2000. A Summary English 2000-01-07
Smith, B. Kent State Academics to Embrace Elie Wiesel, Jewish Studies program educates students on Holocaust, Prepares for Elie Wiesel visit English 2013-05-26