Middle East

Discussing the links between the orthodox Holocaust narrative and its impact on societal and political developments in the Middle East

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Smith, B. Outlaw History #10, Israeli-Firsters, Iraq, and the "Other" WMD Fraud English 2004-11-13
Shamir, I. Rape of Dulcinia English 2001-01-27
Shamir, I. About Vampire Killers and Nincompoop English 2004-08-01
Lilienthal, A. The Holocaust Issue and Middle East Policy English 1993-07-01
Alloush, I. Between Public Relations and Self-Alienation: Arab Intellectuals and the ‘Holocaust’ English 2001-09-01
O'Keefe, T. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum, A Costly and Dangerous Mistake English 1995-03-01
Rudolf, G. How German and American Money is Spent in Israel English 2003-08-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #14, Paul Wolfowitz: the Blind Leading the Blind English 2004-11-26
Shamir, I. The Lousiness Test English 2000-10-31
Nakhleh, I. Memorandum to the President English 1982-10-01
Sobran, J. Demjanjuk, Israel and The Holocaust English 1993-11-01
O'Keefe, T. Our Mission and the New War English 2001-11-01
Rudolf, G. Preface to The First Holocaust by Don Heddesheimer English 2003-01-10
AnswerMan What was achieved from Holocaust lies? English 1998-01-01
Smith, B. Revisionist Notebook English 2003-08-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #16, I Explain My Theory of the Holocaust to a Student at Brigham Young University English 2004-12-02
Hadawi, S. Who Are the Palestinians? English 1983-04-01
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Sobran, J. Some Lessons After Fifty Years English 1995-07-01
Weber, M. Learning from the September 11 Attacks English 2001-11-01
Dixon, F. Bulldozing the Façade of Israel As Victim, A Review English 2003-11-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #18, Congressman Tom Lantos, Elie Wiesel, and the Exploitation of the Auschwitz Story English 2004-12-16
Rollins, L. The Fateful Triangle, A Review English 1985-07-01
Marshall, R. Historians Expose Myths of Israel's Birth, Revisionist Perspectives on Zionist History English 1997-11-01
Smith, B. Smith Puts a Question to Mr. Abraham Foxman English 2013-09-28
Paine, M. Stop the World! I want to get off English 2001-05-01
Countess, R. Why the USA Wages War in the Gulf Region, A Review English 2003-02-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #2, Fanatics Do Not Talk to Fanatics English 2004-09-29
Smith, B. Outlaw History #23, A Tsunami of Filth and Lies English 2004-12-28
Thion, S. European History and the Arab World English 1993-01-01
Benson, I. Iran: Some Angles on the Islamic Revolution English 1989-07-01
Sindi, A. How the Jewish-Zionist Grip on American Film and Television Promotes Bias Against Arabs and Muslims English 1998-12-15
Rollins, L. The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U. S. Spy Ship, A Review English 2011-04-01
Smith, B. The Elephant(s) in the Room English 2003-05-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #3, A Mossad False-Flag Operation? English 2004-10-11
Shamir, I. Joseph Revisited English 2001-03-03
McCabe, A. Outlaw History #24, Israel Is Not Going to Go Away. Holocaust or No Holocaust, We Have What We Have. English 2004-12-31
Sobran, J. Johnson's conduct toward Israel approached treason English 1989-01-01
John, R. Monumental Work Sets Record Straight on Palestine-Israel Issue, Book Review English 1993-03-01
Neff, D. Nasser of Egypt: Deeds and Legacy of an Arab Leader English 1996-07-01