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Selected letters and comments sent in to CODOH by our readers, supporters, fans, colleagues, critics, opponents etc.

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Author Document Title Language Published
Butz, A. Letters English 1994-05-01
Martin, N. Letters English 1993-03-01
Collins, D. "Taking Tabloid 'Trash' to Task" English 1994-10-09
Provan, C. Letters English 1993-05-01
Backwords, A. Letters English 1993-07-01
Buchner, R. Correspondence, Comments on Last Issue English 1982-04-01
John, R. Letters English 1993-11-01
Buck, P. Correspondence English 1982-12-01
Irving, D. Letters English 1994-03-01
Weber, M. Letters English 1991-10-01
Conway, J. A Holocaust Debate English 1994-05-01
Dan, J. Letters English 1992-07-01
Brandon, L. Unanswered Correspondence English 1981-10-01
Critchley, A. Swindler's Mist: Spielberg's Fraud in Schindler's List, A Review & A Discussion of the Talmud on Gentiles English 1994-01-01
Brown, D. Letters English 1999-02-15
Shermer, M. Letters English 1995-03-01
von der Heide, H. Correspondence English 1981-12-01
Zaverdinos, C. Letters to the Editor English 2003-05-01
Weber, C. Letters English 1999-12-15
Irving, D. Letters English 1995-07-01
Sterner, T. Correspondence, Comments on Last Issue English 1982-04-01
Ferdinand, P. Letters to the Editor English 2004-02-01
Butz, A. Letters English 2000-06-01
et al. Letters English 1995-09-01
Berg, F. Letters to the Editor English 2004-08-01
et al. Letters English 2000-10-01
Shavit, A. Reactions to: The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 1996-05-25
Merrill, C. Letters English 1996-03-01
Verrall, R. Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Eversoul, P. Letters English 2001-07-01
Phillips, R. Letters English 1997-05-01
Weber, C. Letters to the Editor English 1980-12-01
Hogan, J. Letters English 2002-03-01
et al. Letters English 1998-03-01
Graf, J. Letters English 2002-06-01
Schmidt, D. Letters English 1994-05-01
Muirden, G. Letters English 1993-03-01
Hussein, M. Letters English 1994-11-01
et al. Letters English 1993-05-01
et al. Letters English 1993-07-01