About Revisionism and Historiography

On the reasons and goals of revising historical narratives, on Revisionism as a “movement,” covering topics such as its history and objectives, and on the techniques and politics of writing about history in general.

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Irving, D. On Contemporary History and Historiography, Remarks Delivered at the 1983 International Revisionist Conference English 1984-12-01
Sommers, E. The Objectivity of Historians – Or Else!, A Review English 1999-11-01
Alexander, J. Two Biographical Works Examine the Life of a Great British Historian and Military Thinker, Book Reviews English 1993-05-01
Stein, H. The Holocaust and the Myth of the Past as History English 1980-12-01
Oliver, R. On Conservatism, Liberalism, and History English 1994-09-01
Marcellus, T. The Tradition of Historical Revisionism English 1982-01-01
Rothbard, M. On the Importance of Revisionism for Our Time English 1966-03-01
Hoggan, D. Plato's Dialectic v. Hegel and Marx: An Evaluation of Five Revolutions, Paper Presented to the Sixth International Revisionist Conference English 1985-04-01
Martin, J. Charles A. Beard: A Tribute, Paper presented at the 1981 Revisionist Conference English 1982-10-01
Nordling, C. Scientists against Science, Robert Faurisson's "Exactitude" my Lodestar English 2004-02-01
Nolte, E. The Third Reich’s Place in History, A Conversation with Professor Ernst Nolte English 1994-01-01
Bolton, K. Historical Revisionism and 'Relativising the Holocaust' English 2012-07-01
Toland, J. Living History, From remarks presented to the Tenth International Revisionist Conference, October 1990 English 1991-04-01
Rucker, J. Perfect Revisionism: The Vinland Map, A Comment English 2013-10-01
Nolte, E. Auschwitz in History English 1999-01-02
Macvie, E. The Black Swan (Revised Edition), A Review English 2012-10-01
Barnes, H. Revisionism and the Promotion of Peace English 1958-01-01
Mendoza, R. Believing in Pluto and the Holocaust English 2007-01-01
Crowell, S. Did Columbus Discover America? English 2000-08-01
Santomauro, M. Jim Rizoli's interview of Revisionist Michael Santomauro English 2016-06-30
Torben Torben explains why he supports open debate on the Holocaust English 2016-07-11
Renouf , M. Lady Michèle Renouf on Professor Robert Faurisson English 2016-07-26
Rucker, J. Piltdown Man Shown at Architectural Confab English 2016-07-29
Hernández, R. The Morcan Brothers, Again English 2016-08-28
Hunt, E. "Denial" the Film Movie Part 1 - Introduction English 2016-09-19
Rucker, J. Six Million Deniers—The Hyperbolic Holocaust English 2016-11-14
Hernández, R. Free Speech on the Web: CODOH English 2016-11-20
Hernández, R. CODOH: Libertad de expresión en la red Spanish 2016-11-29
Merlin, D. Churchill and the Sinking of the Lusitania English 2016-12-14
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aaargh Answer Man English 1998-02-01
Barnes, H. Answer Man English 1998-02-01
AnswerMan Answer Man English 1998-02-01
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