Military leaders of all belligerent nations, including non-military personalities of all nations, excluding Germany, whose non-military personalities are covered under the entry “Third Reich Era.”

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Hoggan, D. President Roosevelt and the Origins of the 1939 War English 1983-07-01
Remer, O. An Interview with General Otto Ernst Remer English 1990-04-01
Thompson, H. Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz: Last President of a United Germany, His Succession, His Government, the Nuremberg Proceedings, the Aftermath – Some Personal Observations and Experiences English 1983-10-01
Lutton, C. His Master’s Voice, Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Travers Harris, 1892-1984 English 1984-12-01
Weber, M. Remer Evades Imprisonment for "Thought Crime" English 1994-05-01
Weber, M. Leon Degrelle English 1994-05-01
Weber, M. Remer Dies in Exile, War Hero Fled to Spain to Avoid ‘Thought Crime’ Imprisonment English 1998-01-01
Goodson, S. Knut Hamsun: The Soul of Norway, Profiles in History English 2013-07-01
Weber, M. Churchill Wanted to "Drench" Germany With Poison Gas, Historical News and Comment English 1985-12-01
Weber, M. Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski and the 'Holocaust' English 1983-10-01
Barnes, H. Winston Spencer Churchill, A Tribute English 1980-08-01
Weber, M. New Biography Assails Churchill’s War Record, Revisionist Work Sets Off Heated Debate English 1993-03-01
Raven, G. New Biography Assails Churchill’s War Record, Revisionist Work Sets Off Heated Debate English 1993-03-01
O'Keefe, T. Irving on Churchill, Historical News and Comment English 1986-12-01
Clive, R. Hitler's Generals, Book Review English 1990-07-01
Thompson, H. Dönitz: The Last Führer, A Review English 1984-12-01
Widmann, R. No Smoking Gun, No Silver Bullets: The Real News of Rosenberg's Diary, Editorial English 2014-02-23
Grubach, P. Churchill, International Jews and the Holocaust: A Revisionist Analysis English 2011-04-01
Chapman, R. A Challenge to Thought Control: The Historiography of Leon Degrelle, Paper Presented to the Sixth International Revisionist Conference English 1985-07-01
Constable, T. They Called Him ‘Hobo’, The Little-Known Story of Percy Hobart English 1971-01-01
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