Gas Chambers

The magic chemical slaughterhouses, in which millions are said to have been murdered, evade an exact, credible description to this day. Not a single blueprint of such a device capable of executing its gruesome task has ever been found, and no unequivocal document has ever been located hinting at their existence. The contributions listed here address the claims made about homicidal gas chambers. (See also the entries for the respective camps.)

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Kues, T. Skin discoloration caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, Reality vs. Holocaust eye-witness testimony English 2008-12-15
Mattogno, C. “No Holes, No Gas Chamber(s)”, A Historical-Technical Study of the Holes in the Roof of Morgue 1 of Krematorium II at Birkenau for Introducing Zyklon B English 2004-12-01
Faurisson, R. The Detail, [The alleged Nazi gas chambers] English 1997-12-20
AnswerMan Was the Auschwitz Gas Chamber reconstructed in the '60's? English 1998-01-01
Mattogno, C. The Birkenau Gas Chambers in October of 1941, Technico-Historical Fantasies of a “Technician” English 2012-07-31
Moran, T. Holocaust gas chamber evidence denies itself, It's a slam dunk English 2002-01-01
Nowak, H. Some Details of the Central Construction Office of Auschwitz English 1998-01-01
Crowell, S. Technique and Operation of German Anti-Gas Shelters in WWII, A Refutation of J. C. Pressac's "Criminal Traces" English 1997-04-30
Kehl, H. 'Holocaust' Pharmacology vs. Scientific Pharmacology, A Review English 1981-04-01
Weir, J. The Footman English 2001-11-01
Rudolf, G. Auschwitz: Plain Facts, A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac English 2010-11-01
Mattogno, C. The First Gassing at Auschwitz: Genesis of a Myth, Paper Presented to the Ninth International Revisionist Conference English 1989-07-01
Mattogno, C. Auschwitz: Crematorium I, and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings English 2012-12-01
Mattogno, C. The "Gas Testers" of Auschwitz, Testing for Zyklon B Gas Residues · Documents – Missed and Misunderstood English 1998-01-01
Lüftl, W. The Lüftl Report, An Austrian Engineer's Report on the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Mauthausen English 1992-12-01
Kues, T. Witness Accounts By Former Sobibor Prisoners, Part 2 English 2008-03-14
Smith, B. Director of Research at Auschwitz State Museum Admits on Camera that Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" is a Fraud! English 1992-12-01
Grubach, P. The Leuchter Report Vindicated, A Response to J.-C. Pressac's Critique English 1992-12-01
Thion, S. On Pressac: History by Night or in Fog?, Book Review English 1994-07-01
Weber, M. Probing Look at ‘Capital Punishment Industry’ Affirms Expertise of Auschwitz Investigator Leuchter English 1998-03-01
Graf, J. The “Extermination Camps” of “Aktion Reinhardt”, An Analysis and Refutation of Factitious “Evidence,” Deceptions and Flawed Argumentation of the “Holocaust Controversies” Bloggers English 2013-10-23
Kollerstrom, N. The Walls of Auschwitz, A Chemical Study English 2008-10-10
Berg, F. Blue Women on the Beach, The False Toxicity of Carbon Dioxide in Diesel Exhaust English 2004-10-01
Mattogno, C. The Openings for the Introduction of Zyklon B, Part 1, The Roof of the Morgue of Crematorium I at Auschwitz English 2004-12-01
AnswerMan Could Zyklon-B Used for Mass Gassings? English 1998-01-01
Rudolf, G. From the Records of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, Part 8 English 2012-07-31
Faßbender, R. No "Dovetails", no "Holocaust" English 2002-01-09
Mattogno, C. The Gas Chambers of Majdanek English 2003-08-01
Faurisson, R. The Gas Chambers of Auschwitz Appear to be Physically Inconceivable English 1981-12-01
Brewer, G. Some Holes – Some Holocaust, The Provan and Mazal Theses English 2001-09-01
Leuchter, F. The Leuchter Reports, Critical Edition English 2005-08-01
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Mattogno, C. Auschwitz—The Case for Sanity, A Historical and Technical Study of Jean-Claude Pressac's "Criminal Traces" and Robert Jan van Pelt's "Convergence of Evidence" English 2010-11-01
Raven, G. Dramatic New Videotape Presentation Takes Aim at Key Holocaust Claims, Auschwitz Museum Official Admits "Gas Chamber" is Postwar Reconstruction English 1993-03-01
Kues, T. Witness Accounts By Former Sobibor Prisoners, Part 1 English 2008-02-22
Smith, B. CODOH Prepares to Hang High the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum – From Its Own "Gas Chamber" Door English 1997-09-01
Mattogno, C. The Crematories of Auschwitz, A Critique of Jean-Claude Pressac English 1994-11-01
Crowell, S. Wartime Germany’s Anti-Gas Air Raid Shelters, A Refutation of Pressac’s ‘Criminal Traces’ English 1999-12-15
Dalton, T. Gassing, Burning, and Burying, Relative Capacities Reported for the Aktion Reinhardt Camps English 2011-04-01
Weber, M. Major French Magazine Acknowledges Auschwitz Gas Chamber Fraud English 1995-01-01