Inconvenient History Fall 2012, Vol. 4, No. 3 Now Available!

The Fall 2012 issue of Inconvenient History, A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry is jammed with material that the court historians will be sure to find inconvenient to their crumbling version of contemporary history. The issue kicks off with an examination of the role that Ellis Island, typically thought of as a welcoming station for newly arriving immigrants to the USA, served as an internment camp for Germans, Italians, and Japanese Americans during the Second World War. Next up is a look at Count Potocki de Montalk and his Katyn Manifesto (see image) — an early exposure of the truth of the Allied atrocity at Katyn Forest. This issue also features a personal account by Germar Rudolf of the time he spent in a German prison for standing up for historical truth. Thomas Kues also returns this issue to consider three recent books on the Treblinka Holocaust story. Klaus Schwensen, an expert on the Sachsenhausen camp exposes Soviet propaganda surrounding the reported number of victims of that camp. This issue also contains book reviews of "The Black Swan" and "The Gas Vans." The volume is capped off by assistant editor Jett Rucker's thoughts on the victories of Revisionism and the defeat of its detractors.

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I am very pleased to discover that such a site has been created in order to offer genuine review/examination of some of the most significant myths that have permeated not only the history books, but also, our culture. I find that many professions involve a "go-along-to-get-along" mindset, (the fields of archaeology and anthropology are ideal examples), as perceptions and interpretations of evidence are subjective -- and historians are no different. Journalists are particularly vulnerable to group-think -- pursuing the "wrong" set of facts or pointing the finger at the wrong person/people can destroy a career. Any person paying attention can and will attest that the mainstream media is tightly controlled by groups of people that hide in the shadows -- the "perception managers and opinion makers". Walter Lippmann referred to this spin and propaganda as "manufacturing consent". With nearly any, (especially large), historic event, the so-called "cover story" is quickly injected into the mainstream by very clever and powerful individuals, (almost always with hidden agendas). The more absurd, "official" claims surrounding the 911 attacks on America are ideal examples -- with the esoteric and critical contradictions of this story relegated to the "conspiracy kooks". Not since the Warren Commission's "investigation" into the assassination of John Kennedy has a bigger whitewash been pulled off by the "powers-that-be" than the so-called "911 Investigative Commission". Like the Warren Commission, the 911 Commission heaped upon the reader a fanciful and elaborate tale that followed and endorsed the official excuse/story/apology by dismissing and avoiding an immense and compelling body of contradictory evidence. The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese was anything but a surprise -- but a vigorously provoked reaction by a series of clandestine US actions resulting in hundreds of thousands of American deaths. The North Vietnamese did not attack the USS Maddox in international waters, (the "Bay of Tonkin" incident), leading to the Viet Nam war and the deaths of 58,000 American soldiers and over one million south Asian civilians. But in all these cases and countless more, the propaganda-filled American media parroted the "official line", essentially acting as nothing more than the mouthpiece for the men that hide behind the curtain -- the ruling elite. The groups of men with hidden and well-disguised agendas. This carefully designed cover story, according to the experts in mass psychology, and drawing on the masses propensity to confuse "might with right", is critical in creating an enemy, fomenting hatred and for framing the event(s) for posterity. Regarding the "holocaust", much documentary evidence exists that reveals a long-term plan by the Zionist leadership -- going back as far as 1897. The term "six million" was, for its apparent shock value, a figure that was used on several occasions by the world Zionist leadership to describe "atrocities" against the Jewish people -- in order to instill mass sorrow, guilt and shame among the non-Jewish population. With careful exaggerations and horror stories, manufactured evidence and through the known desire of the German leadership during the 30's and 40's to rid Germany of the Jews, the Zionist leadership has hit the jack pot with the "holocaust" -- and great effort is devoted to keep it in the forefront of human consciousness. The results in reparations alone is truly staggering. Try to engage people, even your close friends, in a discussion about the remarkable influence of Zionism in America -- upon the political aspects, the billions in "foreign aid" that Israel has received from American taxpayers, Israel's ability to brutalize its Palestinian neighbors, or the US government's blind loyalty to Israel. To do so will likely get you branded, and not kindly. And pointing out the enormous pro-Israel influence on America by the Zionist controlled mainstream media will get you labeled as an anti-Semite. This is no accident. It is the result of a carefully constructed hoax on the grandest of scales. And what is also stunning, through willful ignorance or jingoistic arrogance, is the shear number of Americans that are thoroughly unaware of the self-serving intrigues and mass-murder that has been committed -- often in their names and always with their tax dollars -- at far-flung places around the world. For seventy years, nearly every Soviet citizen was aware that the "news and information" that the public received from their state operated media was carefully managed and heavily controlled. And the same thing is happening here. But the vast majority of Americans, in this, the "modern age", seem to be without a clue.

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