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Apr 18th 2014 | 02:51pm

Extreme Corpus Delicti

Holocaust history - the Six Million Dead version - has long played on victims who have disappeared, into smoke or something even more ethereal, if that's possible.

Apr 17th 2014 | 12:54am

El Gran Tabú ( The Great Taboo)

El GRAN TABÚ. The revisionist film that DESTROYED a Mexican film festival!

Produced by David Cole and Bradley Smith in 2007.
Features Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolf, with a cameo by Smith.

Apr 11th 2014 | 06:10am

Smith's Report #204 (April 2014) is now online

This issue features: Confronting Human Nature at the USHMM ∙ Doing What Matters at the USHMM ∙ Oliver Stone: Jewish Control of the Media Is Preventing Free Holocaust Debate ∙ Che Guevara in Saigon – 1968 ∙ and Smith's News Column "Another Ordinary Life"
Apr 9th 2014 | 06:26pm

Credit Card Payments Possible Again!

CODOH can accept credit card contributions once again! For more than a year, due to programming and other issues, that was not possible. But now it is. If you think our latest work in challenging the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to act responsibly with regard to its own content, its own moral imperatives, please help.

Apr 9th 2014 | 04:40pm

Look Who's Wearing the Muzzle Now!

Dov Hikind, redoubtable New York State Assemblyman from Borough Heights, Brooklyn, is frustrated. He wants to put out a message (and harass a distant neighbor who has done no one any harm, at least for as long as Hikind has been alive), and something seems to be censoring him!

Apr 7th 2014 | 02:50pm

David Cole's Interview with Ry Dawson

David Cole is interviewed by Ry Dawson on April 04, 2014

You can listen to the complete interview here:

Apr 5th 2014 | 12:48am

Treblinka in The Jewish Press

Smith's Letter to "The Jewish Press": "I am writing to comment on your review of 'The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax' where you write, 'it sounds pretty much like old lies repackaged in a new format.' While the 45 minute video may contain offensive material it also contains breakthrough evidence in the testimony of 12 eyewitness survivors of the Treblinka Death Camp. Your review ignores these interviews, which were originally filmed by the USC Shoah Foundation..."

Mar 24th 2014 | 06:01am

Two reprints of revisionist classics on early British and U.S. history

Castle Hill Publishers have added the reprints of two revisionist works of the late 1800s to their program dealing with early British and early U.S. history:
– J. Gerard: The Gunpowder Plot: on the draconian persecution of Catholics in Britain in the early 1600s, triggered by a “false flag” operation of the Crown to squash any papal influence in England.
– C. Brown: Nathan Hale—Martyr—Spy: on the legacy of a spy turned martyr for the American Colonies in the War of Independence from the British Crown...

Mar 17th 2014 | 08:56pm

Philip "Shylock" Weiss Expands Collective Guilt

At the National Summit to Reassess the U.S.-Israel Special Relationship at the National Press Club Washington DC, March 7, 2014.

Mar 17th 2014 | 07:44pm

Smith's Report # 203 : March 2014 is now online

Topics in the March 2014 issue: How the ADL and the USHMM Choose to Evade the Issue of One (only) Class of Nazi Collaborators ∙ The Search for the Lost Rosenberg Diary ∙ Faurisson is becoming… unnameable ∙ Blood Libels, Gas Libels And the Difference between Them ∙ DON’T FALL FOR THE HOLOHOAX ∙ Smith's FRAGMENTS ∙ and more...