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Bradley Smith Charitable Trust
aka CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust)
CODOH is organized as a trust and is striving to become a tax-exempt organization.


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What We Believe

The aim of this site is to promote intellectual freedom with regard to this one historical event called "Holocaust." It is our belief that this will in turn help advance the concept of intellectual freedom with regard to all historical events. We find it vulgar beyond belief that Americans would spend more than half a century condemning the "unique monstrosity" of the Germans when we have not yet learned to condemn our own, or to even recognize it.

CODOH is not a membership organization and is not affiliated with any political party or political group. It is not the purpose of CODOH to prove the Holocaust “never happened,” or that European Jews did not suffer a catastrophe during the years of the Hitlerian regime. Those who try to convince you it is want to muddy the waters. While we no longer believe the gas chamber stories (we used to very much believe them) or the “genocide” theory, we remain open to being convinced we are wrong.

We understand perfectly well that the Hitlerian regime was anti-Semitic and persecuted Jews and others. We understand many peoples, European Jews among them, experienced unfathomable tragedies in Europe during World War II. Nevertheless, to be clear, we no longer believe the German State pursued a plan to kill all Jews or used homicidal “gassing chambers” for mass murder during the years of World War II.

For some seven decades the homicidal Nazi gas chambers have been at the heart of the Holocaust narrative. In the literature, the two have been absolutely inseparable. It is tempting to say: “No gas chambers, no Holocaust.” But too often it can be—has been—misleading, particularly to those who are just becoming acquainted with revisionist arguments. It is misleading because it suggests that, if there were no gas chambers, the Jews of Europe did not suffer a tragedy at the hands of the Hitlerian regime. They did.

While it is true that Third Reich Germany was criminally responsible for the death of large numbers of civilians, so were the major Allied powers, particularly the Soviets, the British, and the Americans. But much “eyewitness” testimony about Nazi atrocities against Jews and others is demonstrably false, and it appears that all such eyewitness testimony about homicidal Nazi gas chambers is false. It is wrong to bear false witness against others—most of us were taught to understand this when we were children. False testimony against anyone, including Germans, together with those who promote it, should be exposed to the light of public scrutiny.

The attempt to identify every call for open debate about the gas chamber controversy with anti-Jewish sentiment is juvenile. Those who protest that it is more important to be sensitive to “survivors” than truthful to the historical record represent a world view that has no place in Western culture.

We are willing to be convinced we are wrong about any or all of this. We are willing to be convinced it is hateful to weigh the evidence for and against any historical narrative whatsoever. We are willing to consider the possibility that the university and the press in America are justified in their efforts to suppress a free exchange of ideas about the Holocaust or any other matter. We are even willing to discuss the idea that intellectual freedom itself corrupts public discourse when it involves the gas chamber controversy.

We are not willing to remain silent, however. We will be heard.

Founder: Bradley R. Smith (RIP)
The Board of Trustees
Webmaster: Santiago Alvarez
Webmasters Emeriti: Rodrigo Mendoza, David Thomas

What We Do

CODOH sponsors many revisionist and free speech activities; to name but a few:

How We Do It

If we want our civil rights to be respected, we have to respect the civil rights of others. The prerequisite of CODOH's mission is freedom of speech, and also freedom of assembly. We insist on exercising these rights. In return, we also have to grant these rights to everyone else. Civil rights are never a one-way road.

With freedom comes responsibility. Therefore, our freedom to speak our minds has to be exercised in a responsible way, by abstaining from foul language and ad-hominem attacks, and by maintaining a civilized and reasonable style.

But most of all, when expressing their thoughts, all contributors to CODOH have to abide by the following Prime Directive: No contribution posted on CODOH.com or any of its associated domains, subdomains or websites may advocate, promote, approve of, justify or condone the violation of anyone's civil rights and right to self-determination, be it in the past, present or future.

Company History

The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust – CODOH – was founded by Bradley R. Smith in 1987 in order to encourage a free exchange of ideas with regard to the orthodox Holocaust narrative.

In 1990, Bradley Smith started publishing his newsletter Smith's Report in order to inform his supporters and everyone else about what he and CODOH have been, still are, and will keep doing. Since 1995 Smith's Report has appeared roughly once a month.

In September 1995, CODOH went online. During the next decades, this step has proven to have been pivotal for the survival of our attempts to fight censorship and to open up a debate on the Holocaust. In 2015, CODOH celebrated its 20th web anniversary.

In 2012, CODOH not only celebrated its 25th anniversary, but also started a promising joint venture with the British publishing company Castle Hill Publishers to promote books and video documentaries which suffer the chilling effects of censorship caused by the Taboo. Ever since we have hosted Castle Hill's online bookstore on our website.

In 2014 CODOH also started sponsoring the publication of new editions and new volumes to the ambitious research series "Holocaust Handbooks," as well as its video documentary counterpart "Holocaust Documentaries."

In late 2014 CODOH was reorganized as a charitable trust with its headquarters in Mill Valley, California. The Trust's goal has remained unchanged: to encourage a free exchange of ideas – in the spirit of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – in an area where free speech is most threatened by the West's biggest taboo.

In 2015, CODOH became the publisher of the quarterly online magazine Inconvenient History. Inconvenient History was established in 2009, filling a gap left behind by its predecessor The Revisionist when it ceased to exist in 2005.

In 2022, CODOH acquired Castle Hill Publishers, and has since restructed it into an LLC.

The Significance of Our Work

If you want an insight into the significance of our work on the university campus, read this 9,000-word publication by HILLEL, The Foundation for Campus Jewish Life. It’s titled: “Fighting Holocaust Denial in Campus Newspaper Advertisements: A Manual for Action.” Everything in this Hillel Manual is meant to teach Jewish students how to suppress, censor, and control debate about the Holocaust question. Above all else—Control! Hillel has an annual budget of $35-million (million!) dollars.

God Bless the Hillel Rabbis tells the story of how I felt about the behavior of Hillel rabbis well before they produced their censorship Manual condemning intellectual freedom. No line here between the Work and the Life.

—Bradley (RIP)