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Most of the books and documentaries published by Castle Hill Publishers can be downloaded free of charge (mp4, Kindle and PDF; see here). This way we tear down any financial barriers, and we eliminate any concerns about the loss of privacy, because customers buying books and DVDs from us or elsewhere usually have to identify themselves, which many don't want to do. This "free for all" policy helps spreading the revisionist message, which is otherwise severely impeded by governmental and "free-market" censorship. The consequence of this for us is, however, that we lose sales. Hence, paying our translators who make these studies available in English and other languages is a struggle. As a matter of fact, very few translations of revisionist books, and no subtitle translations of movies, can be financed by profits made from sales. Asking people to translate books or subtitles free of charge sounds like a good idea, but in that case you usually get what you pay for. Because we want to produce high-quality products, we have to rely to a large extent on professional translators, and they simply cannot work just for the love of it. They must earn their daily bread.

We have therefore decided to do our own crowd-funding. CODOH tried that before, but the big crowd-funding sites not only keep a sizeable chunk of the funds raised for themselves, they also have "Acceptable Use Policies" which frequently prohibit fund-raising for revisionist causes.

So we made ourselves independent and have set up our own crowd-funding web page. It's not as professional as the big corps' sites, but it cannot be censored. So we are here to stay. In addition, we get the proceeds fully and directly, minus any credit card processing fees charged by the banksters, of course.

Below please find the individual projects for which we are currently raising funds to enable us to translate certain books. Please be so kind as to find your favorite project, then click the button on the left to make a donation. A pop-up window will appear where you can enter your credit card information, and as an option also your email address, but you can omit that. You can also donate in other, less direct ways. An explanation of how you would go about doing that can be found at the bottom of this page.

And now the good news: Germar Rudolf has agreed to pitch in with his books, signed and dedicated to YOU personally, as a thank-you gift for your generous donation.

Our Thank-You Gift to You

If you enter your email address when donating, and if your donation exceeds a certain amount as listed below, we will get in touch with you asking you whether you want a hard copy of any one of the following eligible books authored, co-authored or edited by Germar Rudolf, signed and dedicated by him to you personally:

U.S. donors of $50 and more, and foreign donors of $100 and more

Domestic donors of $100 and more, and foreign donors of $150 and more

Domestic donors of $150 and more, and foreign donors of more than $200 and more

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Thank you for your kind consideration to help spread the revisionist message.

Note: For our crowd-funding page, we have implemented a new way of accepting credit card payments. We successfully tested the system several times, so it should work smoothly. However, if you experience any problems after all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Projects We Ask You to Support

Title Description Project Costs Raised so far Still Needed Credit Card Donation
N. Kollerstrom, "Breaking the Spell", translate to German / √úbersetzung ins Deutsche

Nicholas Kollerstrom's Breaking the Spell has been the best-selling revisionist book ever since it appeared in late 2014. It would have great potentials to reach larger audiences in Germany, if it weren't for German censors to shoot us down. So we will distribute the book free of charge as an eBook. But we need you help to get it translated by a really excellent German translator. He is already working on it. Please support this important project.

Nicholas Kollerstroms Breaking the Spell (Der Fluchbrecher) ist seit seiner Erstveröffentlichung gegen Ende 2014 der revisionistische Bestseller gewesen. Es würde das Potenzial haben, eine größere Leserschaft in Deutschland zu erreichen, wenn uns die deutschen Zensoren keinen Strich durch die Rechnung machen würden. Wir werden das Buch daher als kostenloses EBuch verbreiten  und planen zudem parallel dazu eine Dokumenarfilm darüber. Doch benötigen wir Ihre Hilfe, um das Buch von einem wahrlich ausgezeichneten deutschen Übersetzer übersetzen zu lassen. Er arbeitet bereits an dem Projekt. Bitte unterstützen Sie dieses wichtige Projekt.

$1,800.00 $1,064.35 $735.65
C. Mattogno, An Auschwitz Doctor's Eyewitness Account

Translation of Carlo Mattogno's brand-new 380-page study on Miklos Nyisli's various postwar testimonies from Italian to English. We just posted an appetizer of this translation, Carlo's introduction to the book as well as a side-by-side translation into English of Nyiszli's original Hungarian book. This is a commercial project for Carlo Mattogno, who will get paid $1000 from the funds raised, and the translator, working for a fraction of what is usually charged, will get the other half. Nyiszli's book has already been translated, accounting for a good third of the Carlo's book (130 pages), but the translation of the rest, Carlo's analysis (some 250 pages), needs some incentives to move forward, for which we ask for your support.

$2,000.00 $884.14 $1,115.86
merging VHO into CODOH

In early September, the 10-year-old VHO server hosting the revisionist site started malfunctioning, so we had to turn it off. We are now hosting the site elsewhere. In the process of rearranging things, we have decided to merge the contents of the VHO site into CODOH's database, a project which was started back in 2010 (by transferring all papers of the Journal of Historical Review and The Revisionist, year 2003 and newer) but then abandoned due to other priorities.

We'd like to pick up that project again. It requires some reprogramming of CODOH's database to accommodate the data, and in the process we will also upgrade and streamline our software and design.

We are talking about some 4,000+ documents that need to be reformatted, imported, and then cleaned up. So it's a lot of work. Since it involves working with our database, the heart of CODOH's work, we cannot let just anyone help us there, I'm afraid. But we do have skilled, trusted professionals, and they deserve some payment for their efforts. Please help us out!

$4,000.00 $0 $4,000.00
Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed, Part 2

The revisionist documentary Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed, Part 1, has been a great success, which is why YouTube put it now in quarantine and hides how many people have watched it.

We would like to work on Part 2 of that series -- finally. Eric Hunt is out, but he's not the only person on this planet who can create great documentaries. If you think this is a worthwhile project, please chip in!

$2,000.00 $0 $2,000.00
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A Personal Appeal from
the late CODOH founder Bradley Smith

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum takes our Campus Project very seriously. The Museum has a page on its Website titled: "HOLOCAUST DENIAL TIMELINE" There are 31 entries in the USHMM Timeline. Over the last six years the most important events regarding H. denial are:

2006: Iran's government sponsors a meeting of Holocaust deniers in Tehran cloaked as an academic conference called "Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision."

2007: On January 26, the United Nations adopts a resolution condemning denial of the Holocaust.

2007: The European Union approves legislation that makes Holocaust denial a crime punishable by time in jail

2009: English-born Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson denies the existence of gas chambers and minimizes the extent of killing during the Holocaust.

2010: Bradley Smith places his first online Holocaust denial advertisement, which appears on the website of the University of Wisconsin's Badger Herald in February. The Internet—because of its ease of access and dissemination, seeming anonymity, and perceived authority—is now the chief conduit of Holocaust denial.

Let's be clear about what this means.

On this issue the USHMM views Bradley Smith as being in company with the President of Iran, the United Nations, the European Union, and the good Bishop Williamson. What have I done to walk among such grand historical figures and august political bodies?

I have seen to it that tens of thousands of students and their professors have received links to important revisionist documents. It is not just via ads in campus newspapers, but in direct e-mailings. Over the last three months alone we have sent links to core revisionist documents to more than 30,000 students and their professors.

We know State bureaucrats will not do it—review President Obama's recent statements on the Holocaust. We know the multitude of Jewish special-interest organizations will not do it—review the Hillel/ADL Manual on stopping the publication of revisionist ads in the student press. We know that Old Media will not do it—where is the Holocaust story ever really examined on Old Media?

CODOH will do it. CODOH is doing it now. I promise you CODOH will continue to do it. And we will grow our sends to faculty and to students from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

I'm going to do this, but still, I need your support. The USHMM has a yearly budget of some 60-million dollars. Yet the people who run that institution find that I threaten to breach the wall of taboo around the Holocaust that they are working to control. The larger my email lists grow, the more ads I run in the student press, the more out of control I'm going to be.

I like being out of control. I'm good with it.

But I need your help. Please contribute to this work. While it's true that I regularly need a few substantial contributions, every contribution large or small is appreciated. You'll like what comes of it. I believe I can promise you that.

—Bradley Smith