Sonderkommando Auschwitz I: Nine Eyewitness Testimonies Analyzed

Holocaust Handbooks, Vol. 44: Sonderkommando Auschwitz I: Nine Eyewitness Testimonies Analyzed

To this day, the 1979 book Auschwitz Inferno by former Auschwitz inmate and alleged Sonderkommando member Filip Müller has a great influence both on the public perception of Auschwitz and on historians trying to probe this camp’s history. This book critically analyzes Müller’s various post-war writings, which are full of exaggerations, falsehoods and plagiarized text passages. The author also scrutinizes the testimonies of eight other former Sonderkommando members with similarly lacking penchants for exactitude and truth: Dov Paisikovic, Stanislaw Jankowski, Henryk Mandelbaum, Ludwik Nagraba, Joshuah Rosenblum, Aaron Pilo, David Fliamenbaum and Samij Karolinskij.

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