Paul Grubach

Paul Grubach is a scholar who has published many revisionist studies and articles.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard English 2002-01-01
Jewish Conspiracy Theory, the Eichmann Testimony and the Holocaust, Deborah Lipstadt's Contribution to Holocaust Revisionism English 2011-07-01
Jewish Involvement in Black American Affairs, A Review English 2005-02-01
Jewish Loyalty to Israel and "Holocaust Denial" in the Minds of Non-Jews, A Short Critique of the ADL’s Global Survey on “Anti-Semitism” English 2014-06-17
Letter to Amnesty International Regarding the Persecution of Germar Rudolf by the Government of Germany English 2006-08-16
Letters English 1997-05-01
Letters English 2000-03-01
Letters English 1999-12-15
Letters English 1994-07-01
Letters English 1994-05-01
Letters English 1992-07-01
Letters English 1996-09-01
Letters English 1996-03-01
Letters to the Editor English 2003-08-01
Letters to the Editor English 2003-05-01
Letters to the Editor English 2004-02-01
On Holocaust Revisionism, Basic Arguments and Political Implications English 2012-07-31
Open Letter to Deborah Lipstadt English 2001-11-01
Other Victories for Revisionism, Addendum to Faurisson's Iran Holocaust Conference Speech English 2007-01-01
Prisoners of Conscience and Holocaust Revisionism, An Open Letter to President George W. Bush English 2005-12-28
Race and History, Part 1, The Zionist Racism of Anti-Racist Jared Diamond English 2011-10-01
Revisionist Reflections on the Upcoming “Holocaust” Demjanjuk Trial in Germany English 2009-01-01
Russia and the Holocaust Ideology, What Is the Future of Holocaust Revisionism in Eastern Europe? English 2014-06-11
Should Germany and Austria Tolerate Holocaust Revisionism?, Reflections on the Upcoming Irving, Zündel and Rudolf Trials English 2005-01-12
The "Final Solution of the Jewish Question", Extermination or Ethnic Cleansing? A Review English 2007-01-01
The "Final Solution of the Jewish Question", Extermination or Ethnic Cleansing? A Review – Short Version English 2007-01-01
The "Holocaust" Ad: A Study in Hypocrisy English 1992-06-21
The Christian Religion and the Iran Holocaust Conference, An Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI English 2006-12-17
The Final Solution: A Response to Christopher Browning, A Review English 2009-01-01
The God Hypothesis, Atheism, and the Holocaust Religion, A Review English 2008-01-01
The Holocaust Doctrine and the Hypocrisy of Western Values, A Commentary on the Case of Fredrick Toben English 2008-01-01
The Holocaust Ideology, A Theological Threat to Christianity and Islam English 2007-01-01
The Holocaust Ideology: A Threat to Human Life English 1991-01-06
The Holocaust as Sacred Myth and Ideology, Final Reflections in the Wake of the Iran Holocaust Conference English 2007-01-01
The Holocaust as an Ideological Danger English 2008-01-01
The Leuchter Report Vindicated, A Response to J.-C. Pressac's Critique English 1992-12-01
The Non-Existent "Auschwitz Gas Chambers" of Deborah Lipstadt and Robert Jan van Pelt English 2006-01-01
The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Mythology English 2010-01-01
The Non-Jewish Stake in the Holocaust Mythology, Why the Continued Success of a Failed Ideology? English 2010-04-01
The Significance of the Holocaust Revisionist Statements of President Ahmadinejad, An Open Letter to Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations English 2006-10-30