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Letter to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs English 2017-04-03
Rosenberg Diary : "The Most Revealing Nazi Documents Ever Found" English 2016-12-17
"Behind the Scenes" English 2016-09-24
"Denial" Ends Up the Year as a Flop English 2016-12-30
"Irving v. Lipstadt" Trial for Movie Theaters, Part I English 2015-09-08
"Irving v. Lipstadt" Trial for Movie Theaters, Part II English 2015-10-10
"Irving v. Lipstadt" Trial for Movie Theaters, Part III English 2015-10-10
"Negación" termina el año como un fracaso, Traducción de Roberto Hérnandez Spanish 2017-01-04
A Cover-up at the USHMM? English 2013-08-23
A Devious Attack on Free Speech. English 2017-04-14
A Follow-Up to Our Original Letter to Peter Black at the USHMM English 2013-09-28
A Question of What is “Offensive.” Chabloz v. House Wives of ISIS English 2017-01-04
A Track Record Recalled by a Couple Friends, (On the 200th Issue of Smith’s Report) English 2013-10-30
Anne Frank and the New York Times English 2013-12-07
Anne Frank and the New York Times English 2013-11-08
Anne Frank, a Cold Case? English 2017-10-05
Architectural Considerations Not Anti-Semitic, Open Letter to The Vermont Cynic English 2016-02-27
Bill 720 English 2017-09-21
Charlatan's Latest Venture Meets with Unfavorable Reviews. English 2016-09-13
Churchill and the Sinking of the Lusitania English 2016-12-14
Denial, “A Battle to Defend the Veracity of Historical Facts” English 2016-08-11
Denying Denial, First Published in Veteran's Today English 2017-01-06
Dishonest Journalist of the Week Award English 2012-01-01
Expanding the Legal definition of anti-Semitism. English 2017-03-10
Forbidden to Laugh English 2015-11-11
Free the Artist - Jail the Judge English 2016-02-02
Government Leads the Way in Tackling Anti-Semitism English 2017-03-20
Holocaust Education Trust Ireland (HETI) English 2013-09-28
How to Spot Dangerous False News English 2017-04-18
In Memoriam Ernst Zündel Christof Friedrich Zündel English 2017-08-11
Letter to "The Economist" English 2016-06-22
Letter to Access Now English 2016-07-18
Letter to Ashleigh English 2016-09-21
Letter to Calgary Gauntlet English 2017-02-24
Letter to Freedom House National Headquarters English 2017-03-18
Letter to Jasper Community Habitat for the Art English 2016-08-01
Letter to Naz Shah English 2017-04-20
Letter to PEN English 2015-02-12
Letter to PEN English 2016-07-15
Letter to The Electronic Intifada English 2016-06-21
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