Roberto Hernández

Roberto Hernández is the pen name of a frequent contributor to Smith's Report and the Codoh blog. He also assists in various ways with Codoh's Campus Project and outreach.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Alfred Schaefer Apartment Raided by German Police English 2016-08-26
Apartamento de Alfred Schaefer allanado por la policía alemana. Spanish 2016-08-31
The Morcan Brothers, Again English 2016-08-28
Brains, Anyone? English 2016-09-08
Los hermanos Morcan regresan Spanish 2016-09-03
¿Sesos? Spanish 2016-09-14
Who Is Hubert Zafke? English 2016-09-21
¿Quién es Hubert Zafke? English 2016-09-29
Prof. Anthony Hall: A Martyr to Free Inquiry on the Holocaust on Campus English 2016-10-26
El Prof. Anthony Hall: un mártir de la libre investigación sobre el Holocausto en el campus universitario Spanish 2016-10-27
Free Speech on the Web: CODOH English 2016-11-20
Dissident Musician and British Nationalist Alison Chabloz Arrested for a Song English 2016-11-20
CODOH: Libertad de expresión en la red Spanish 2016-11-29
Memorabilia : Bradley Smith Chats with Director of the USHMM English 2016-12-02
Memorabilia :Is it them or Is it Us? English 2017-01-12
The Campus Project in 2016: A Quiet Campaign for Free Speech in American Universities English 2017-01-28
Memorabilia : A Text Too Daring For Students at UC Irvine English 2017-01-23
Memorabilia : Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Chapter One English 2017-01-30
El “Campus Project” en 2016: Una campaña silenciosa en busca de la libertad de expresión en universidades norteamericanas Spanish 2017-02-08
Memorabilia : When Dialogue Leads to Catastrophe English 2017-02-09
Were Five or Six “Holocaust-Denial” Books Really Just Banned from Amazon? English 2017-03-10
¿Fueron realmente sólo cinco o seis libros sobre la negación del Holocausto realmente prohibidos de Amazon? Spanish 2017-03-10
Revisionist Persecution and Prosecution, 14 Years’ Imprisonment for Wolfgang Fröhlich in Austria English 2015-10-10
Defending the Holocaust: A Free-Speech Assignment? English 2017-04-07
Memorabilia : Should Smith Apologize to Steven Pinker? English 2017-04-22
Memorabilia: Coffee with Bradley Smith: Buchenwald Gas Chambers English 2017-05-02
Fighting Giants, Reflections on the Campus Project English 2018-02-20
Luchando contra gigantes, Reflexiones sobre el "Campus Project" Spanish 2018-02-20
Memorabilia: The Savage, the Academic and the Brainwashed English 2018-05-18
The Case of Axel Möller English 2015-11-29
The Year 2018 at CODOH English 2018-12-20
Das Jahr 2018 bei CODOH German 2018-12-20
YouTube Shuts Down the Other Side of History: , All pages with “Holocaust denial” content will be or are already erased. English 2019-06-23