Roberto Hernández

Roberto Hernández is the pen name of a frequent contributor to Smith's Report and the Codoh blog. He also assists in various ways with Codoh's Campus Project and outreach.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Memorabilia : When Dialogue Leads to Catastrophe English 2017-02-09
Memorabilia :Is it them or Is it Us? English 2017-01-12
Memorabilia: Coffee with Bradley Smith: Buchenwald Gas Chambers English 2017-05-02
Memorabilia: The Savage, the Academic and the Brainwashed English 2018-05-18
Police in Barcelona Close down Pedro Varela’s Europa Bookstore English 2016-07-10
Prof. Anthony Hall: A Martyr to Free Inquiry on the Holocaust on Campus English 2016-10-26
Reinhold Hanning ex sargento de la SS en proceso penal en Alemania por ayudar a matar a 170,000 Spanish 2016-03-31
Reinhold Hanning former SS sergeant is Tried in Germany for helping to Kill 170,000 English 2016-03-29
Revisionist Persecution and Prosecution, 14 Years’ Imprisonment for Wolfgang Fröhlich in Austria English 2015-10-10
Sobrevivientes del Holocausto Comieron Carne Humana: Testimonio de Freddie Knoller Spanish 2016-03-19
Sylvia Stolz Sent to Prison for Criticizing German Law English 2015-09-08
The Campus Project Is Back! English 2016-04-07
The Campus Project in 2016: A Quiet Campaign for Free Speech in American Universities English 2017-01-28
The Case of Axel Möller English 2015-11-29
The Morcan Brothers, Again English 2016-08-28
The Vermont Cynic Revisited English 2016-03-15
The Vermont Cynic: Bradley Smith's Last Campus Project English 2016-02-22
The Year 2018 at CODOH English 2018-12-20
Vincent Reynouard: 23 Years of Persecution English 2015-09-08
Were Five or Six “Holocaust-Denial” Books Really Just Banned from Amazon? English 2017-03-10
What Happened to Reinhold Hanning? English 2016-06-26
Who Is Hubert Zafke? English 2016-09-21
YouTube Shuts Down the Other Side of History: , All pages with “Holocaust denial” content will be or are already erased. English 2019-06-23
¡El “Campus Project” está de vuelta! English 2016-04-09
¡Ha vuelto! Spanish 2016-05-08
¿Deborah Lipstadt defiende Negacionismo del Holocausto? Spanish
¿El Brexit: buenas noticias para los revisionistas? Spanish 2016-08-19
¿Estamos "rompiendo el hechizo" en el Campus Universitario? Spanish 2016-06-14
¿Fueron realmente sólo cinco o seis libros sobre la negación del Holocausto realmente prohibidos de Amazon? Spanish 2017-03-10
¿Oliver Stone dejará las cosas claras? Spanish 2016-02-18
¿Quién es Hubert Zafke? English 2016-09-29
¿Qué ha pasado con Reinhold Hanning? Spanish 2016-06-26
¿Sesos? Spanish 2016-09-14