Richard Tedor

Richard Tedor is a writer and Historian on the Third Riech. The title of bthese series of book is  Hitler's Revolution, which has been said to provides concise, penetrating insight into the National Socialist ideology and how it transformed German society. The government's success at relieving unemployment and its social programs to eliminate class barriers unlock the secret to Hitler's undeniable popularity which, in light of war crimes, seems so incomprehensible today. Documents from German, Soviet and British archives help illuminate the diplomatic atmosphere of the times and the challenge Hitler confronted when weighing foreign policy decisions for these series of books.

In this (Two hours and 6 minutes) video, we look at Europe in the Vice, and the effect that this had on National Socialist (NS) Germany. In the six years after Hitler’s Revolution in 1933, European peoples were, insanely, at war.  Richard explains how it was the British Empire that was the prime reason for this fratricidal war. Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax feature prominently in this drive to war.