Emil Schepers

Emil Schepers is a scholar who cherishes his privacy, hence will not divulge details about himself.

In 2001, the Journal of Historical Review published a short article penned by Theodore O'Keefe about the famous Austrian psychologist Viktor Frankl. On the basis of statements by Frankl and of research by orthodox historians, O'Keefe showed that Frankl was not particularly truthful in his recollections about his stay at the Auschwitz Camp. In response to a German translation of OKeefe's paper, Austrian engineer Walter Lüftl wrote a letter to the editor, in which he excused Frankl's inaccuracies, and emphasized his love of truth otherwise. The present article systematically examines Frankl's account of his experiences at Auschwitz. The reader is left to judge, how far Frankl's love of truth really does, when it comes to his experiences at and around Auschwitz.