Thomas A. Fudge

Professor Thomas A Fudge undertook his research leading to a PhD in medieval history under the direction of R.W. (Bob) Scribner at Cambridge where he wrote on the subject "Myth, Heresy and Propaganda in the Radical Hussite Movement, 1409-1437". He has worked in many monastic libraries, in archives in eastern and central Europe, and in some of the world's great academic libraries such as the Bodley in Oxford, Harvard, and the Vatican. He is one of the founders of the biennial conference The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice which also publishes a journal by the same name. Ten volumes have appeared to date.  Prior to taking up his appointment at UNE in 2012, he taught at Warner Pacific College (Portland Oregon), Clark College (Vancouver), the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand) and in the Texas prison system. Appointed to a university professorial chair in 2003.  He has held ten contestable research grants in the past twenty years. Dr Fudge serves as the Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct Officer for the School of Humanities.


(Taken from University of New England webpage)