Friedrich Paul Berg

Friedrich Berg was born in 1943, the son of German immigrants. He was educated in the United States and holds a degree in Mining Engineering from Columbia University. His professional engineering work has been primarily as a mechanical engineer He has served as an Environmental Affairs Representative. In that capacity he was recognized as an expert for environmental concerns including air pollution. In April of 1978, Friedrich Berg first took a public stand regarding his views on the Holocaust story when he led a demonstration against the National Broadcasting Company for its showing of the TV miniseries, "Holocaust." In the years that followed Berg became known for the numerous articles which he wrote including the standard revisionist text on the absurdity of the diesel gas - mass murder story, "Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth within a Myth."

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Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Online Radio Debates on Revisionism, Two exchanges between Friedrich P. Berg and Roberto Muehlenkamp English 2012-06-22
Der selbstassistierte Holocaust-Schwindel German 1997-04-01
Blue Women on the Beach, The False Toxicity of Carbon Dioxide in Diesel Exhaust English 2004-10-01
Letters to the Editor English 2004-08-01
Letters English 2002-03-01
The Diesel Gas Chambers, Ideal for Torture – Absurd for Murder English 1993-01-01
The Negro Soldier, [This is a thread initiated by Fritz Berg on the CODOH Forum] English 2012-11-12
Typhus and the Jews English 1988-12-01
Poison Gas "Über Alles" English 2003-02-01
Gas Chambers for Robert Faurisson, Answers to a Challenge English 1993-01-10
Holocaust Hoax on Trial, An Open Letter to PBS English 2001-05-01
The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth within a Myth, Paper presented to the 1983 International Revisionist Conference English 1984-04-01
Zyklon B and the German Delousing Chambers English 1986-04-01
Nazi Botched Gassings? English 2014-07-14
The Self-assisted Holocaust Hoax English 1996-01-10
The Truth Deserves to be Known English 2002-02-26
Pat Buchanan and the Diesel Exhaust Controversy English 2000-01-01
Letters English 1997-10-01
Letters English 1998-02-01
Did Steve Jobs Die from Starvation or Typhus or … ? English 2011-12-01
Friedrich P. Berg, Interview with Jim Rizoli, March 5, 2016 English 2016-03-18
Memorabilia: Fritz Berg TV interview on Gas Wagons and more (1 of 3) English 2017-10-20
Memorabilia: Fritz Berg TV interview on Gas Wagons and more (2 of 3) English 2017-10-20
Fritz Berg TV interview on Gas Wagons and more (3 of 3) English 2017-10-20

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