Auschwitz Camp

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In this ten minute clip, Jim Rizoli exposes another lie from the Holocaust hate atrocity propaganda lie. At Auschwitz, visitors are shown a wall where it is claimed 20,000 prisoners were executed.

In this 8 minute clip, Jim Rizoli exposes the claims of the “guides” at the Auschwitz I concentration camp. Here the guide states, that the “gas chamber” was only built in 1941, and there were no “gas chambers” in the previous two years.

The Death Panel go on a fact checking virtual tour of Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau. We check out the swimming pool, the morgue, the railroad spur and several other notable features of the camp. Then we listen to Robert Van Pelt cope post about the lack of insertion holes and wire mesh introduction devices.

At Auschwitz 2 (Birkenau) it is constantly stressed by “Holocaust survivors” that the German camp staff sorted the transports of deported Jews into two lines, one, the left, was to the “gas chamber”, the right was for labour. Here Arek Hersh in this one and half minute video claims that he avoided the “gas chamber” by sneaking into the other line. How did he know this but all the other Jews didn’t? Of course, it is routine to split men from women and children by the authorities, in a penal establishment, regardless of what country it is.  

The Death Panel fact check the so-called "Franke-Gricksch Report," an obscure forgery purporting to be an authentic Nazi report of the gassing procedure at Auschwitz and every other absurd Holocaust meme in one simple document.

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