Castle Hill Publishers

Castle Hill Publishers, established in 1998 by Germar Rudolf, is a small revisionist publishing company with its headquarters in East Sussex, UK.

When Rudolf was arrested in the U.S., deported to Germany and sentenced to 44 months imprisonment for his peaceful yet iconoclastic publishing activities (see Rudolf's website for details), the management of Castle Hill Publishers was taken over by a group of British citizens who have since continued this operation in the same spirit of freedom of speech and resistance to oppressive authorities.

In early 2013, Castle Hill Publishers and the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) have joined forces in their common goal. One of the results of this close cooperation was the relocation of the CHP online bookstore to the CODOH website. After CODOH was reorganized into a charitable trust in late 2014, Castle Hill Publishers prepared to become a part of this trust. This transition was completed in late 2015.

Castle Hill Publishers is therefore currently the book and video publishing outlet of CODOH.

In late 2015 it became a subsidiary of CODOH. Visit their website at

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