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Document Language Published
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UK today – Songs about Jewish Lies, Power and Control now a Criminal Offence English 2017-10-11
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Antisemitism Harassment Campaign and The Law with Alison Chabloz English 2017-11-22
Matter of Censorship should be a worry to us all English 2017-11-22
Implication of the Prosecution’s Case Is That Truths Could Be Illegal English 2018-01-23
Britons Awake! This Trial Isn’t about Me, It’s about All of Us English 2018-01-23
Horst Mahler Last Public Appearance Before Returning to Prison VIDEO English Subs English 2017-04-15
Social Media Queen 2017 English 2018-04-12
Alison Chabloz on the War on Free Speech, Right to Cause Offence & Pet Pug Nazi Salutes English 2018-04-19
Memorabilia: ITEL Radio Interview Alison Chabloz (11 12 16) English 2018-05-07
Alain Soral – My Homage to Robert Faurisson, First Published at English 2018-10-29
YouTube Censorship & More Confessions of a Reformed Denier (9min) English 2019-09-19
La Vie en Licra (4 min) English 2019-09-24
La vie en dissidente, with Alison Chabloz, Monika Schaefer (6:21 min) English 2019-11-29
When Thibault Met Alison Chabloz (1:00:10 min) English 2020-01-07
Banned from France (1:51 min) English 2020-01-10
Apologies for the Lack of Recent Updates From Alison Chabloz English 2020-01-15
FIghting Back and Winning (22:13 Min) English 2020-01-17
(41:17 Min)">"Holocaust Survivors" (41:17 Min) English 2020-02-07
Alison Chabloz's Song Jerusalem's the Capital of Palestine Not Mine Here as It Was Banned English 2020-06-22
ALISON CHABLOZ LEGAL UPDATE AUGUST 21st 2020 English 2020-08-21