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Alison Chabloz is a British musician. Visit her blog at

Alison Chabloz gives us an update on her situation, Wednesday evening May 17, four police officers turned up at her parents' address in Glossop asking for my whereabouts. 

letter published in today’s Guardian speculates on the reasons for the Crown Prosecution Service announcement on Wednesday that a man connected to the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy in 1984 cannot be prosecuted for reasons of national security: • The UK government’s case has always …

By and large, the general public accepts the given narrative of WW2. The victors get to write history, thereafter ensuring that their version of events is reinforced by way of education, media and, in particular, the funding of onside lawmakers who will eventually be persuaded to bring about legislation that will effectively silence dissenting views.

Parodie de la fameuse chanson d'Edith Piaf // Parody of the famous song by Edith Piaf. *
Enregistrement audio en live, clavier et voix // Live audio recording, keys and vocals
Modifications mineures lors de la post-production // Minor edits during post-production.

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. First of all, some positive news. Last Friday, January 10th (full moon), I was again in the dock for my appeal against the National Probation Service (NPS), this time at Derby Crown Court. To recap, the NPS had brought a retroactive breach trial against me for publishing on my personal website during the year-long Prohibited Activity Order which required me not to post or participate on “social media outlets.

Alison Chabloz is a Holocaust revisionist who is being persecuted for posting a satirical song to YouTube named "(((Survivors)))" in which she pokes fun at some of the more-absurd claims made by "Holocaust Survivors".

For musician Alison Chabloz, 56, 2020 has been another eventful year. January 10th, Chabloz' appeal at Derby Crown Court against an eight-week prison sentence (breach of a 12-month social media ban for writing on her own website) was adjourned by HHJ Robert Egbuna; disclosure of communications between Chabloz' accusers - pro-Israel NGO "Campaign Against Antisemitism" (CAA) - the Crown, the National Probation Service and indeed the Ministry of Justice was, for some reason, unforthcoming... Chabloz was granted unconditional bail by the judge who decided that the appeal could not proceed properly without full disclosure of the relevant papers.

Prohibition Mission was supposed to be the third number of a Covid EP. I wanted a catchy melody without the restrictions of a repetitive chord structure, as with blues or rock n roll. Here’s the final result./RH

One of the many songs Alison Chabloz sings, satirically putting the question to our freedom of speech in Western societies, such as hers (the British).