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Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Germany Orders Revisionist Book Seized, ThoughtCrime: 05/07/82 English 1982-05-07
Arsonists Devastate Revisionist Publisher, ThoughtCrime: 07/04/84 English 1984-07-04
Zündel Attacked on way to Trial, ThoughtCrime: 01/07/85 English 1985-01-07
Police Raid Judge's Home, ThoughtCrime: 04/08/86 English 1986-04-08
Revisionist stripped of PhD, ThoughtCrime: 07/13/86 English 1986-07-13
Ernst Nolte Dismissed, ThoughtCrime: 06/25/87 English 1987-06-25
Terrorists Attack Historian's Automobile, ThoughtCrime: 02/10/88 English 1988-02-10
Teacher Suspended for Challenging Holocaust Story, ThoughtCrime: 02/24/88 English 1988-02-24
Revisionist Historian Suffers Savage Beating, ThoughtCrime: 09/16/89 English 1989-09-16
Professor Dismissed for Openness to Revisionism, ThoughtCrime: 03/01/90 English 1990-03-01
Discharge for German Military "Disputers", ThoughtCrime: 11/23/90 English 1990-11-23
Zündel Arrested in Munich, ThoughtCrime: 03/22/91 English 1991-03-22
Faurisson Convicted of Questioning Gas Chambers, ThoughtCrime: 04/18/91 English 1991-04-19
Leuchter Arrested in London, ThoughtCrime: 11/15/91 English 1991-11-15
Thugs Attack Revisionist Speaker at UCLA Meeting, ThoughtCrime: 01/22/92 English 1992-01-22
France Convicts Two for Distributing Leaflets, ThoughtCrime: 04/10/92 English 1992-04-10
Irving Fined 10,000 Marks, ThoughtCrime: 05/05/92 English 1992-05-05
Austrian Revisionist Convicted, ThoughtCrime: 05/05/92 English 1992-05-05
Computer Network Holocaust Debate Closed Down, ThoughtCrime: 10/02/92 English 1992-10-02
German General Sentenced To Imprisonment, ThoughtCrime: 10/22/92 English 1992-10-22
Museum Protester Attacked and Beaten, ThoughtCrime: 04/22/93 English 1993-04-22
Fred Leuchter Arrested in Germany, ThoughtCrime: 10/28/93 English 1993-10-28
College Professor Faced with Bias Charge, ThoughtCrime: 02/12/94 English 1994-02-12
Free Speech Denied at Berkeley, ThoughtCrime: 10/13/94 English 1994-10-13
House Historian Fired for Even-Handedness, ThoughtCrime: 01/09/95 English 1995-01-11
Japanese Publisher Shut Down, ThoughtCrime: 01/30/95 English 1995-01-30
German Publisher Forced to "Recycle"Book, ThoughtCrime: 02/15/95 English 1995-02-15
German Publisher Raided, ThoughtCrime: 03/27/95 English 1995-03-27
German Court Jails Deckert for Two Years, ThoughtCrime: 04/21/95 English 1995-04-21
Zündel Headquarters Torched, ThoughtCrime: 05/08/95 English 1995-05-08
Executive Fired for Translating Journal Items, ThoughtCrime: 05/09/95 English 1995-05-09
Journalist Charged for Expressing Opinion, ThoughtCrime: 07/25/95 English 1995-07-25
German-American Jailed for Writing Letter, ThoughtCrime: 08/08/95 English 1995-08-08
German Court Jails Yuppie for Denying Holocaust, ThoughtCrime: 08/29/95 English 1995-08-29
Lawyer Attacked Outside Court, ThoughtCrime: 08/30/95 English 1995-08-30
Deckert Arrested for Suspicion of Book Authorship, ThoughtCrime: 11/09/95 English 1995-11-09
Man Convicted for Denying Knowledge of Gas Chambers, ThoughtCrime: 11/22/95 English 1995-11-22
Swiss to Expel Christophersen, ThoughtCrime: 11/26/95 English 1995-11-26
Revisionist's Home Raided by German Police, ThoughtCrime: 02/12/96 English 1996-02-12
Canadian Freedom of Speech Limitation Found Constitutional, ThoughtCrime: 02/28/96 English 1996-02-28

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