Douglas Collins

Doug Collins, a native of the United Kingdom, served with the British army during the Second World War, and then with the British control commission in postwar occupied Germany. An award-winning journalist, he has worked for several Canadian daily newspapers. His career has also included work in television and radio. He is the author of several books.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
New Collins Book Takes Aim at Cant and Bigotry, "Here We Go Again!" English 1999-02-15
A Holocaust Debate English 1994-05-01
"Swindler's List", Movie Review English 1994-05-01
Retirement, 'Nuremberg' and Auschwitz 'Rambo' English 1997-04-20
Hate Crimes, Zionist Terrorism, and Jews in Hitler's Army English 1995-11-15
"Columnist Blasts News Story" English 1994-10-07
Canadian Reflections on the Zündel and Irving Cases English 1993-01-01
God Yes, Holocaust No, Roger Garaudy's "Founding Myths" English 2001-03-01
Doug Collins and Canadian Jewish Weekly Cross Swords English 1995-09-01
Goebbels, Frank Speech, and War Memories English 1996-09-15
"Taking Tabloid 'Trash' to Task" English 1994-10-09
"Confessions of a Modern Heretic" English 1994-10-16
Free Speech Under Attack English 1995-04-02
On the Front Line for Free Speech and Open Historical Inquiry English 1995-09-27
Reflections on the Second World War, Free Speech and Revisionism, Based on presentation to the IHR Tenth International Revisionist Conference, October 1990 English 1991-10-01
The Story Keeps Changing English 1993-08-18
The Irving Trial, 'Human Rights' Double Standard, and Jewish-Zionist Arrogance English 2000-04-27
The Irving Holocaust Trial English 2000-03-07
Auntie's Knickers to Warm Irving's Book English 1995-01-01
Who says that "Free speech must be limited"?, Doug Collins & Free Speech vs. British Columbia and the Canadian Jewish Congress English 1997-07-12
Doug Christie Soldiering On! English 2018-11-14
Doug Collins and the Fight for Freedom 25 September 1999 (1:23:10 Min) English 2020-10-10

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