Robert Faurisson

For more than 20 years, Robert Faurisson was Europe's foremost Holocaust revisionist scholar. He was born on January 25, 1929, in Shepperton, England. His father was French and his mother was Scottish. He was educated at a Lycée in Paris, and at the renowned Sorbonne. He received his "State Doctorate" in letters and the humanities from the Sorbonne in 1972, where he also taught from 1969 to 1974. From 1974 until 1990, Faurisson was a professor of French literature at the University of Lyon II. He is a recognized specialist of text and document analysis, and is the author of four books on French literature. After years of private research and study, Dr. Faurisson first made public his skeptical views about the Holocaust extermination story in two items published in December 1978 and January 1979 in the influential Paris daily Le Monde.

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Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Faurisson’s Three Letters to Le Monde (1978-1979) English 1978-12-29
The 'Problem of the Gas Chambers' English 1980-01-01
The Mechanics of Gassing English 1980-08-01
The ‘Problem of the Gas Chambers’ English 1980-08-01
Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Confessions of SS Men who were at Auschwitz English 1981-07-01
The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie? English 1981-12-01
The Gas Chambers of Auschwitz Appear to be Physically Inconceivable English 1981-12-01
Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine? English 1982-07-01
RÉPONSE à Pierre Vidal-Naquet French 1982-12-11
Smith Interviews Robert Faurisson English 1983-01-09
A Challenge to David Irving English 1984-12-01
Revisionism On Trial: Developments in France, 1979-1983, Paper Presented to the Fifth International Revisionist Conference English 1985-07-01
Response to a Paper Historian English 1986-04-01
How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss English 1986-12-01
The Müller Document, Historical News and Comment English 1988-04-01
Shoah, A Review English 1988-04-01
Genocide By Telepathy, Hilberg Explains English 1988-09-01
Raul Hilberg Now Explains that the Genocide of the Jews Was Carried Out by Telepathy English 1988-09-01
The End of a Myth, Historical News and Comment English 1988-10-01
The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988) English 1988-12-01
My Life as a Revisionist (September 1983 to September 1987), Paper Presented to the Eighth International Revisionist Conference English 1989-04-01
Anne Frank's Handwriting, Historical News and Comment English 1989-04-01
In the United States a Jewish Professor Takes the Revisionist Path, Book Review English 1989-10-01
A Revised Preface to "Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence" English 1990-07-01
The Notin Affair, Historical News and Comment English 1990-10-01
The Second Leuchter Report English 1990-10-01
Auschwitz: Technique & Operation of the Gas Chambers (I), Or, Improvised Gas Chambers & Casual Gassings at Auschwitz & Birkenau, According to J.C. Pressac (1989). Book Review, Part I English 1991-04-01
A Request for Additional Information on the Myth of the 'Gassing' of the Serbs in the First World War, Historical News and Comment English 1991-07-01
Auschwitz: Technique & Operation of the Gas Chambers (II), Or, Improvised Gas Chambers & Casual Gassings at Auschwitz & Birkenau, According to J.C. Pressac (1989). Book Review, Part II English 1991-07-01
Professor Robert Faurisson in Sweden, 1992, An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism English 1992-01-01
A Dry Chronicle of the Purge, Summary Executions in Certain Communes of Charente Limousine English 1992-04-01
The Adventure of Revisionism English 1992-05-25
Preface English 1993-01-01
Witnesses to the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz English 1993-01-01
Les Témoins des Chambres a gaz d'Auschwitz (51K) French 1993-01-01
A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel English 1993-01-10
Robert Faurisson Corrects the Record on Piper Interview English 1993-02-28
Letters English 1993-05-01
New Attack Against Faurisson and Rami in Stockholm English 1993-07-01

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