Niall Ferguson

Niall Campbell Ferguson (/ˈniːl/; born 18 April 1964)[1] is a British historian and works as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Previously, he was a senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford, a visiting professor at the New College of the Humanities, and also taught at Harvard University.

Ferguson writes and speaks about international history, economic and financial history, and British and American imperialism.[2] He is known for his contrarian views, like his defence of British empire.[3] He once called himself "a fully paid-up member of the neo-imperialist gang" following the invasion of Iraq.[4]

He has been a contributing editor for Bloomberg Television[5] and a columnist for Newsweek. Ferguson was an advisor to John McCain's U.S. presidential campaign in 2008, supported Mitt Romney in 2012 and has been a vocal critic of Barack Obama.[6][7] Ferguson received the Ludwig Erhard Prize for Economic Journalism in 2013. In 2018, he resigned from a Stanford program, Cardinal Conversations, after leaked emails proved that he had conspired with members of the Stanford College Republicans to dig up "dirt on a progressive undergraduate", in order to force him out of the program.[8][9]

(taken from wikipedia)