Holocaust For Beginners

Holocaust  for beginners

In this two hour and thirty five minute video, Ryan Dawson explains his views on the “Holocaust” hate propaganda.

Using a speech by Deborah Lipstadt, as an example, Ryan speedily rebuts her statements showing that she claims that her version is the only one, and if you disagree with “it” you must be a “lying Nazi”. As Ryan points out, Lipstadt “denies” that lying is a feature of wars. Using the battle of Fredericksburg as an example, Ryan explains that “how” and “how many” are questions we should ask. Of any war, we need to ascertain what is true, what was rumour, and was created by Psychological Warfare. 

In this 27 minute Video, Ernst Zundel of the Voice of Freedom, brings in a expert to examine the Plaszow camp in Poland, which was depicted in the propaganda film “Schindler’s List”. John Ball, an air photo expert, and a expert geologist came to different conclusions than the Hollywood nonsense produced by Spielburg, a Jewish film producer. 

In this 3 minute video clip, the Vegan Police radio show state that in his opinion that the gassing of the Jews at Auschwitz was made up by the Jews. He notices that while his message is ignored the "holocaust" is constantly thrummed onto the American people.

In this one minute video,  Doctor Michael Spence, University College London, (UCL), responds to questions from Time Radio about whether "Holocaust Deniers" (another codeword by those who promote the Holocaust atrocity lie for those individuals who expose it) would be allowed to speak on campus. President of University College London 

In this yarn by a Jewish "witness" (more likely witless), the Germans play a little trick on the prisoners. The Jehovah Witnesses (JW) among them are told to go to the front, where the Germans insist one of them would shoot a Jew with a revolver [German soldiers seldom carried revolvers, normally pistols like the Luger] or be shot themselves.

In this lunatic tale, a Jewess, who is a witness (more likely witless) testifies that after being interogated for hours, and then threatened with a revolver [the Germans seldom carried revolvers] as to being a jew or non-Jew by a SS man, she fell asleep, and therefore "survived".