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The other day I cited a prominent and highly regarded Russian historian (that is, historian of Russia) whose interpretation of some aspects of 20th century Soviet history matched my own, and which in both cases tended toward a revisionist perspective. The rejoinder I received was something along the lines of …

This video is shown for Educational Purposes ONLY.

In this nine minute clip (in German), the capital city of Germany, Berlin is shown in the year 1936.
The victory monument and the Brandenburg gate can be seen. Important buildings in Berlin are shown, such as the Air Ministry, Culture, and various Churches.

In this five minute video, rare WW2 footage of the German Wehrmacht (Defence Forces) is depicted. Hitler is shown reviewing his soldiers and the elite parachute troops.

In this historic 16 minute video (in German with English subtitles), the German Weekly News of July 1940 is shown. It shows reports from the front by "propaganda companies". German troops, (walking) infantry, cavalry and horse drawn supply carts are shown moving up to the front, thereby disproving the Allied myth that German units were all armoured, mechanized or motorised.

This video (one hour and 26 minutes) shows 11 episodes of the German Weekly News. These were newsreels shown to German civilians throughout the war. The newsreels are in their original German with English subtitles added. All the newsreels cover the situation in France between August 1942 until July 1944.


Wehrmacht (Heer) Lehr film - Rundumverteidigung 1944. Dieser film zeight: Ausbau einer ortscharf zur Rundumverteidigung, Grundsatzund technikdes ortskampfes anlage und verteidigung eines stutzpunktes innerhalb der Ortschaft.


Communism Fascism and National Socialism Explained in 15 minutes by Race Reason Censored.

Eric Thomson explains the differences between National Socialism, Fascism and Communism. Eric states that there is a concerted attempt to confuse these different ideas - in some cases by referring to "Red Fascism". Eric explains that far from being a revolutionary movement, Communism is very "conservative" as it wants a return to the "garden of Eden", the so called "noble savage" and such like. Eric goes on to explain Communism in detail, as a criminal organisation, contrasting it with Fascism and National Socialism.

This video (One hour 12 minutes) produced by International Revisionist Videos in 2004, is dedicated to Ernst Zundel (1939 - 2017) and those individuals who have risked their lives, jobs, marriages, reputation etc in exposing the "Holocau$t" atrocity propaganda as a lie.