Jürgen Graf

Jürgen Graf, a Swiss citizen, was born in 1951 in Basel. He studied French, English, and Scandinavian languages at the University of Basel, and then worked for some years as a teacher. After becoming acquainted with the revisionist view of the Holocaust in 1991, he became active in this field.

In the years since, he has carried out extensive research in different archives on the Holocaust issue, and has written and lectured extensively on various aspects of it.

He is the author and co-author of a number of books and papers on various aspects of the Holocaust issue.

Graf's book Holocaust on the Test Stand has appeared in German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Italian, Russian and Arabic editions. In March 1993, following publication of the 112-page German edition (Der Holocaust auf dem Prüfstand), he was summarily dismissed from his post as a secondary school teacher of Latin and French. In December 1994 the French-language edition (L'Holocauste au scanner) was banned in France by order of the country's Interior Ministry. Some 200,000 copies of an expanded edition of this work were published and distributed in Russia under the title The Myth of the Holocaust.

In 1998 he was prosecuted, along with his publisher Gerhard Förster, for "denying" the gas chambers and the six million figure. In July 1998 a Swiss court sentenced him to 15 months imprisonment and to pay a large fine because of his writings.

Rather than serve the sentence, in August 2000 Graf went into exile. In 2001 he married a Russian historian in Moscow. He earns his living as a translator.

Graf's lectures at the Twelfth (1994) and 13th (2000) IHR Conferences have been published in the IHR's Journal of Historical Review.

For more about Graf and his writings, see: http://juergen-graf.vho.org/

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