Russell Grenfell

Captain Russell Grenfell was a Naval Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph. Mariner, historian, journalist, he was bonrned 10 April 1892 and died 4 July 1954 (Age 62).

Educated as a cadet at Osborne from 1905 Grenfell first went to sea in 1909. He was promoted Lieutenant in June 1914, and appointed to the gunboat Thistle, in China. On the outbreak of war later in the year the Thistle was paid off and he joined the Triumph, which took part in the reduction of the Tsingtau forts and was later sunk by a German submarine, U-21, during the Dardanelles operations. From December 1915, he served in the new battleship Revenge, which was the ship to which Vice-Admiral Burney transferred his flag after the Marlborough had been torpedoed during the Battle of Jutland. He later presented the White Ensign from HMS Revenge at Jutland to the church in St Just in Penwith in Cornwall, from where the Grenfell family originated.

He wrote several books, among which the most successful was Unconditional Hatred.