Panagiotis Heliotis

Panagiotis Heliotis is a bookworm from Greece and the author of the first revisionist book in Greek, Shoah: The Revisionist Version (Shoah: Η Αναθεωρητική Εκδοχή)


Jacob (Jacques) Stroumsa, a Jew who was deported from Greece to Auschwitz, ended up playing the violin in the camp orchestra. This brief contribution reviews some of his more interesting experiences and claims about his time in Auschwitz.

The Greek Jew Erika Kounio was deported along with her family to Birkenau in March 1943 at age 15. Due to her knowledge of German, she ended up as a secretary in the camp’s Gestapo headquarters. Her tale, first published in 1996, is the object of this analysis.

The Greek Jew Heinz Kounio was deported to Auschwitz in March 1943 at the age of 15. He and his father were put to work there. This brief article reviews Kouino’s memoirs, which were first published in 1981.

The Greek Jew Leon Cohen claims to have been a member of the infamous Auschwitz Sonderkommando in 1944 tasked with cremating the victims of mass murder. After the war, he wrote a book about his experiences, which this brief paper analyzses.

Greek scholar Panagiotis Heliotis reviews a series of books written by Greek Jews who were deported to Auschwitz during the Second World War, with a focus on their description of the alleged extermination procedures. Do these stories support or undermine the orthodox Auschwitz narrative?

Remembering: Voices of the Holocaust is a collection of a great number of snippets taken from testimonies of various Holocaust survivors. This brief paper reviews some of them that contain statements about the Auschwitz Camp.

German historian Prof. Dr. Christian Gerlach has written a major book on the Holocaust. The title suggests that it is about The Extermination of the European Jews, but as this review shows, the author has shirked the topic almost entirely, and he even found an excuse for doing so.

Sonderkommando Marcel Nadjari, an almost unknown witness, comes to the scene to reveal the horrors of Auschwitz thanks to a buried letter found in 1980 and restored in 2017. But how reliable is he? 

Another important issue regarding the Holocaust is the awareness of the German public about it, either civilians or soldiers. What did the Germans know? Two researchers, historian Eric A. Johnson and sociologist Karl-Heinz Reuband, started searching for answers in 1993...

Welcome back dear readers for our next inquiry into a Holocaust memoir. Today’s guest is Manny Steinberg and his memoir is Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs (Amsterdam Publishers, 2015). Approaching 1,400 reviews with 81% rating it five stars on Amazon, this merits a look ...

When it comes to Holocaust survivors we almost always tend to think about Jews. It can’t be helped actually as it is only Jews who appear on the media. But Jews were not the only ones sent to concentration camps. There were others as well. Today we will have a look at the testimony of one of them: Russian POW Andrei Pogozhev and his book Escape from Auschwitz (Pen & Sword, 2007).

Ahoy there dear readers. Remember our Holocaust Controversies superhero Hans Metzner who tried a few weeks ago to defend Nadjari’s testimony? Well he’s back to save the day and it looks like he has managed to locate those gardens! Bravo!

British historian Laurence Rees, the former Creative Director of History Programmes for the BBC, has written a new "magnum opus": The Holocaust: A New History. This review lays bare a few of the shortcomings of this old wine in new wineskins.

Holocaust historians claim that the Holocaust is the most-documented event in human history. Holocaust revisionists on the other hand not only dispute this, but say that the storyline is full of contradictions and impossibilities. What to make of this?

We've all heard that the mountains of "evidence" for the Holocaust, inconclusive as any one datum might happen to be, nonetheless together somehow "converge" on the inescapable truth of the sacred gospel. Here is a review of the "evidence" provided by five members of the Sonderkommando in the crematorium at Birkenau, who were there performing similar duties at very nearly the same times. You decide whether their reports of observing what should have been the same things, do converge ...

Oral Testimonies of the Jews from Thessaloniki about the Holocaust. What’s this you ask? This is the book we are going to focus on this time. As survivor testimonies are very important for the official storyline, it’s clear that the more of them we examine, the closer we get to the truth...

Continuing from the previous article we will examine some more testimonies from the book The Holocaust in the Testimonies of the Greek Jews. This book contains excerpts from published testimonies as well as oral ones. We will examine the most important concerning the extermination claims.

Greetings ladies and gentlemen. A few days ago an article about your humble author appeared at the Holocaust Controversies blog written by a certain Hans Metzner. Titled Panagiotis Heliotis - The New Star Shining in the Revisionist Coffin?

If the Holocaust never happened, what happened to the Jews of Europe? If the camps were labor or transit camps, where did the Jews go? Give us the name of one single Jew who was transited through these camps.

David Cesarani (1956-2015) was an English historian specializing in Jewish history. He held posts at various universities including the University of Leeds, the University of Southampton and the University of London. This article will deal with his swan song—the book Final Solution: The Fate of the Jews 1933-1949.

The "Operation Reinhardt" camps were extermination camps exclusively, right? Well, the online records of the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum suggest quite otherwise. Read this for particulars—and proof.

If the Holocaust never happened, what happened to the Jews of Europe? If the camps were labor or transit camps, where did the Jews go? Give us the name of one single Jew who was transited through these camps. These are the kind of responses you usually hear from people …