Roberto Hernández

Roberto Hernández is the pen name of a frequent contributor to Smith's Report and the Codoh blog. He also assists in various ways with Codoh's Campus Project and outreach.

Los hermanos Morcan regresan con nuevos planes, ahora en lo cinematográfico, pretenden desemascarar las teórias negacionistas del Holocausto  y exterminarlas, ahora y para siempre.

A recent new “scandal” at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich has alerted the “Holocaust Industry” about these scandalous discoveries. 

El descubrimiento de muestras de tejido encefálico durante la remodelación del Instituto de Psiquiatría Max Planck de Munich, muestras que datan de la era Nazi,  ha encontrado eco en la Industria del Holocausto.

Mr. Zafke, at 95,  is the fourth former concentration-camp worker in this latest series of trials for Nazi-era crimes by low-profile individuals in the camps hierarchies.

Una serie de juicios se han suscitado en Alemania, en lo que sugiere ser una nueva forma de acoso y persecución de aquellos que por alguna circunstancia estuvieron en campos de trabajo alemanes con alguna responsabilidad de bajo nivel jerárquico, ahora pueden ser juzgados por crímenes incomprobables.

En este articulo se trata de la importancia del “Campus Project” como se conoce por sus siglas en inglés, y de la situación precaria en la que se encuentra a un valiente profesor en Canadá por hacer lo que los profesores deben hacer, ayudar a sus estudiantes a someter toda idea a un cuestionamiento y en su caso incluso la narrativa del Holocausto.

CODOH was born of the initiative of its founder, Bradley R. Smith to promote intellectual freedom with regard to the Holocaust question what was then a much smaller scene of information sharing, just at the moment of explosion of  what would become a revolution of information exchange: the digital era and  its  medium:  Internet.

CODOH no es todas las respuestas, sino la voluntad y la libertad de indagar. De hacer preguntas incómodas y políticamente incorrectas. No tenemos todos los problemas resueltos, sino la conciencia de que estamos en el camino correcto de promover libertad intelectual en el tema de Holocausto.

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist tells the story of how I ( Bradley R. Smith) first became aware of revisionist arguments challenging the orthodox Holocaust story, how it felt—how it felt was that it made me feel ashamed and made the palms of my hands sweat—and the first information I had the misfortune (?) to discover that there were serious questions to be asked about what I had believed all my life, with all my heart, about the unique monstrosity of the Germans. 

In Europe, Holocaust denial is illegal in 14 nations. The broad definition for Holocaust denial for these laws is the denial of the systematic genocidal killing of millions of ethnic minorities in Europe (including Jews) by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. That kills any possibility of free analysis …

When I first heard of thought crimes, about a decade ago, I thought it was just one of those urban myths or conspiracy theories which people repeat mantra-like here and there. No democracy in the 21st century would dare jail dissidents for saying what many don’t want to hear. Intellectual …

The chemical engineer and former math teacher Vincent Reynouard is a well-known French figure in the revisionist world. A very close friend and colleague of Professor Robert Faurisson, he calls the current “post-revisionists” Faurisson’s heirs. Born on February 18, 1969, in Boulogne-Billancour to wealthy parents (both his parents were physicians, …
“The fight for freedom of speech cannot be fought within the confines of the dictatorship of today’s Germany; it has to be fought from abroad.”—Gerhard Ittner The way the courts in Germany behave with those who dare to express doubts and disagreement with the orthodox historical narrative of the Holocaust, …

About two years ago, CODOH lost its key member and founder. Bradley R. Smith, ironically on his birthday, Feb 18, in the morning after battling with cancer for nearly eight years, died.

Hace aproximadamente dos años, CODOH perdió un miembro clave y su fundador. Me refiero a Bradley R. Smith que irónicamente en su cumpleaños, el 18 de febrero, por la mañana después de luchar contra el cáncer durante casi ocho años, Falleció.

Another year has flown by. It's been a very busy year at CODOH. To give you an idea of exactly how busy it was, we have compiled a report that tells the story with many details. This is also our way of saying thank you to you all, wishing you all a merry Christmas and a successful start into the Year 2019...

Wieder ist ein Jahr flugs vergangen. Es war ein sehr geschäftiges Jahr für CODOH. Um Ihnen eine Vorstellung davon zu ermöglich, wie geschäftig es war, haben wir einen Bericht zusammengestellt, der die Geschichte detailliert darlegt. Dieser Bericht ist unser Dankeschön an Sie für Ihre andauernde Unterstützung und Hilfe, und wir wünschen Ihnen allen eine Frohe Weihnacht und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr...

According to Reuters, YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, starting at the beginning of June, will begin removing what they call videos that glorify “Nazi ideology” (whatever that actually means) or promote groups that claim superiority to others to justify several forms of discrimination.