The Holocaust Cult

The Holocaust Cult

In this video clip (15 minutes), Jim Rizoli exposes the “Reparation” ripoff. In response to a viewers comment about “Reparation” extortion.

In this 6 minute video (in Italian) we see the rescue of Benito Mussolini by German Special Forces in a film of the time of the event in 1943. Having been deposed by a coup, he was taken from place to place to prevent rescue. At the time of the rescue he was at a difficult to access mountain resort in Abruzzo. 

How to sell a Holocaust? It is not about how many people you have killed on a given genocide but about how you advertise it. This is what this short clip of 2 minutes tells us on a hilarious and yet dark humor. Watch it yourself! 

In this (One hour and eight minutes) video clip, Professor Robert Faurisson (1929-2018) talks of how the “holocaust” atrocity lie has now become a “religion” as historical enquiry is matched by “faith”. Here in October 1992 he is introduced by Mark Weber of the Institute of Historical Review (a noted scholar in his own right). Mark states that Professor Faurisson, an expert in textual analysis, and a highly qualified individual, has been in the lead in France for decades exposing the “Holocaust” lie. During this time he was physically beaten up six times by thugs, who somehow are never found.

Relearn Reality 40 Questions on the Holocaust

According to the World Almanac, there were 15.3 million Jews in 1938, 6 million died in the holocaust leaving ± 9.3 million in 1945, (According to the Holohoax), in 1948 there where 15.8 million Jews,(According to World Almanac figures) an increase of 70% in 3 years, if this increase would have continued (70% every 3 years), there would now be 3150 billion ! Jews. One of these numbers is wrong, guess which.

One of the many video's YouTube has censored, because the truth is no defence,especially where the chosen people are concerned. Anne Frank, Holohoax, Holocaustianity, Gas Chambers