Christian Lindtner

Danish citizen, born in 1949. Doctor philosophiae 1982, University of Copenhagen – Buddhist studies. Has published numerous books of translations from Oriental languages. Edited many texts – mainly philosophical – for the first time from original manuscripts in Sanskrit and Tibetan (discovered in libraries in Tibet, Mongolia, and India). Contributor to many learned journals (history of religions, philosophy, history, philology). Taught and lectured at many universities in Europe, USA, and Asia. Visiting professor of Asian languages, University of Washington, of Religious studies, University of Virginia. First Dane to publish in major Danish newspaper: "The Holocaust in a New Light" (Berlingske Tidende, Jan. 24, 1998). This essay created an enormous uproar in Denmark. As a result of this, the author's research no longer received public support. Attempts were made to destroy his books, etc. Most recently, he published the book Hemligheten om Kristus, in which he points out how numerous passages in the Greek text of the New Testament have been translated directly from the original Sanskrit. The book was published in the Swedish language by a controversial publisher in Klavreström. Danish publishers came under pressure to not bring it out.

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