David Mccalden

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A Place Apart, by Dervla Murphy, Devin-Adair Company, 290pp. hardback, $15.00. ISBN: 0-8159-6516-8. The "place apart" to which Ms. Murphy refers is that much maligned and misunderstood part of the world, Northern Ireland. After many trips cycling in and to India, Nepal, Pakistan and Ethiopia, the Irish authoress suddenly realized …

Great interview (one hour ten minutes) with two great revisionists who in the '70s and '80s made the revisionist movement possible in a big way in the USA and some parts of Europe together with many other names. So here it is: CODOH founder Bradley Smith and David McCalden. This interview happened at Toronto, Canada in 1984. David McCalden of "Truth Missions" tells of his campaign to expose the "Holocau$t" atrocity lie. David talks his group "Truth Missions" and the various other activities he is involved in. One of his activites is to support other individuals who have been charged with "hate crime". Apparently, attacking and defaming Germans as a people that engaged in mass genocide by mass gassings, mass shootings, death marches, death camps, steaming Jews to death, turning Jews into soap, riding breeches, lampshades, ashtrays, showering them to death, etc etc etc is supposely is not anti-German atrocity hate propaganda but "history". Exposing these stories as untrue, is "race hatred" or "defaming the dead" or "race hatred" against Jews. Ernst Zundel, a Canadian, who exposed the "Holoco£t" was malciously attacked in the courts by a Zionist group, under a obscure hardly used law, which was "spreading false news". The case was later, due to Zionist pressure, taken over by the Canadian Government. Ultimately, Ernst won the case as the "false news" law was declared "unconsitutional". David was in Toronto to support Ernst in his defense.