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Hurray! The fanatical anti-free-speech British Home Secretary Amber Rudd has resigned in disgrace. The Tory politician was the leader in an attack on Internet Freedoms, advocating jailing people for up to 15 years behind bars if they "repeatedly" view banned online content.



A crafty attempt to make criticism of Israel "hate speech" subject to anti-discrimination laws is moving through Congress in the guise of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.

We at the Committee for an Open Debate on the Holocaust agree with German Minister Heiko Maas. We also hope he agrees with us that whatever is taught to migrants should be accurate as possible and that discussion and debate over the many unresolved questions in Holocaust studies will be encouraged.

Facebook seems to see itself as the owner of a popular bar; it allows patrons to converse and argue but reserves the right to instantly eject anyone who threatens its popularity as a meeting place...

Germany's president Frank-Walter Steinmeier appeared at a monument to gay victims of National Socialism to ask for forgiveness for the suffering and injustice gays endured...

Last December, Twitter purged numerous far-right, white-nationalist, and Holocaust-revisionist accounts as part of its updated "terms of service." In February Jared Taylor, founder of the publication American Renaissance, sued Twitter for banning his account, claiming the censorship “violated civil rights and contract law.”

You would have to be a bit crazy to take on the immensely rich Southern Poverty Law Center. It has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it stashed overseas, and has a huge staff of attorneys,  but Maajid Nawaz did and he won.

In February, Californian State Senator Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) introduced Senate Bill 1424; a law which would require the California Attorney General to create a new advisory committee.  The advisory committee would be required to study how false information is spread online and come up with a plan for socia- media platforms to fix the "problem." The committee would also determine what is “fake news."  

The San Francisco Chronicle printed a story last Friday (July 6, 2018) titled "Bay Area GOP candidate denies Holocaust, campaigns on anti-Semitism."As a Holocaust revisionist I was intrigued enough to visit the website of John Fitzgerald, Republican candidate for the 11th California Congressional district....

Revisionists and all people concerned with Free Speech should be concerned with the antics of the United States Congress regarding Senate Bill 720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

A former FBI agent named Vincent Pankoke has set up a website and is trying to raise money to “crack the case of Anne Frank,” specifically trying to identify who was behind "the betrayal that led to her death in a concentration camp."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blotted his Politically Correct copy book at the unveiling of Canada latest Holocaust Memorial when it was noticed that the  memorial was missing any reference to Jewish people.

David Cole is getting heat from Believer Extremists like Cole, a Revisionist Apostate, is being smeared as a "Denier" because he is a couple of million short of the sacred figure 6,000,000.

Seventy percent of American voters view anti-Semitism as a "very" or "somewhat serious" problem  according to a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University at the beginning of March 

In December 2016, British Prime Minister Theresa May issued a press release entitled “Government leads the way in tackling anti-Semitism” which announced that the British government and its agencies would formally adopt a new and expanded definition of Antisemitism.

David Merlin writes to House of Commons Home Affairs Committee to  ask them to reconsider their definition of Anti-Semitism since "it is extremely wrong of politicians to declare what story is “correct history” and what is “Anti-Semitic.

The Holocaust has been reduced to a series of memes which are constantly repeated in the media; mysterious trains moving through the night,  chimneys belching flames from human cremations, Anne Frank, articles that include a line like “Mr. Nagel had lost his youth and most of his family to the Holocaust…”

David Merlin and Jett Rucker write a letter to the Canadian Embassy at Washington D. C. to support the application for a visa by the French comedian and social critic Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.

David Merlin writes a letter to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt regarding the  years of generous donations of the royalties earned from Adolf Hitler’s "Mein Kampf" and the considerations of a wider base of  beneficiaries from these donations.

In this letter, David Merlin, directs his attention to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and their view of free speech as a danger, as they are particularly worried about the internet and have spent  $20,000,000  to send out the alarm.

David Merlin writes to The Economist to comment on an article published in this magazine, titled “Free Speech Under attack” and addresses the issue of the Holocaust Laws that have crippled free speech in many European countries and other parts of the world. 

David Merlin writes a letter to PEN America, which  according to their site, stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect open expression in the United States and worldwide. Merlin’s letter to PEN calls on them to defend Free Speech with regard to the Holocaust.

In this letter to the American Civil Liberties Union, David Merlin writes this letter,  as part of our outreach to progressive organizations to encourage defense of free speech and open discussion regarding the Holocaust narrative. 

There are many reasons why laws that criminalize discussion and debate are wrong. David Merlin, encourages AccessNow.org to support free speech on the Holocaust.

David Merlin writes to editor Jasper Fitzhugh to refute Mr. Jacobs’ claim on his post that assures "Holocaust denial requires individuals to suspend history and science in service to hatred." 

David Merlin writes to the USHMM to remind them that the death told at Majdanek have been corrected from 1,400,000 to 78,000 according to the Majdanek Museum itself.

"Acclaimed historian" and author Deborah Lippstadt is promoting her new book that gives birth to the new movie “Denial” at an event Co-Sponsored by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation and the Nathan & Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center. David Merlin sends some tough questions for this "Shoah celebrity."

David Merlin tells a "behind the scenes" story on the trial of Deborah Lipstadt vs David Irving.