Daniel W. Michaels

Daniel W. Michaels is a retired Defense Department analyst who lives in Washington, DC. After graduating in 1954 from Columbia University (Phi Beta Kappa), he studied in Tübingen, Germany (1957), with a Fulbright scholarship.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Historian Details Stalin’s Two-Year ‘Mobilization’ Plan for European Conquest, Book Review English 1995-11-01
Capitalism in the New Russia English 1997-05-01
Nuremberg: Woe to the Vanquished, Book Review English 1998-01-01
Exposing Stalin's Plan to Conquer Europe, How the Soviet Union 'Lost' the Second World War English 1998-10-01
‘We Hold the Real Power’, A Jewish Appeal to Russia’s Jewish Elite English 1999-02-15
New Evidence on the 1941 ‘Barbarossa’ Attack: Why Hitler Attacked Soviet Russia When He Did, Book Review English 1999-10-20
Examining Stalin’s 1941 Plan to Attack Germany, Book Review English 2001-03-01
In the Name of the Holocaust, Book Review English 2001-07-01
Revising the Twentieth Century’s ‘Perfect Storm’, Russian and German Historians Debate Barbarossa and Its Aftermath English 2001-12-01
The Gulag: Communism’s Penal Colonies Revisited English 2002-03-01
‘Copenhagen’: Uncertainty in Life and in Science English 2002-06-01
Stalin against the Jews – "Criminals in White Coats" English 2004-05-01
Marshal Zhukov: A Career Built on Corpses, A Review English 2004-08-01
German Nuclear "Wunderwaffen" in 1945? English 2005-09-01
Red Army Wartime Leadership, Reviews English 2005-09-01
The Spanish Civil War – Redux, Reviews English 2005-09-01
The Court of the Evil Empire, A Review English 2012-07-31
Lev Mekhlis: Stalin’s Grand Inquisitor, A Review English 2012-07-31
Hitler Spoils Stalin’s Surprise, A Review English 2012-07-31