Ted O'Keefe

A long time revisionist and well known on the revisionist circles...

Ted O'Keefe talks about this famous and duplicitous film by Hollywood impresario Steven Spielberg,  Schindler's List, at the 2000 IHR Conference.

With its 24-hour 50,000-watt signal, and enormous listening audience in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, KFI is easily the biggest talk-radio station on the west coast. And Ted O'Keefe and Mark Weber were scheduled for a live in-studio debate with Aaron Breitbart, senior researcher from the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center. Breitbart chickened out at the last minute, so for over 2 hours — from 7:30 PM until 10:00 PM — on the evening of December 17, 1990, roughly a million KFI listeners from as far away as Oregon and Texas got an unforgettable dose of history in accord with the facts. This is probably the most effective case for Holocaust revisionism ever carried over the airwaves. Mark Weber and Ted O'Keefe :: 1990 - KFI AM 640 Los Angeles.