Paul Rassinier

Paul Rassinier is the generally acknowledged founder of scholarly Holocaust revisionism. Born in France on March 18, 1906, and trained as an educator, he taught history and geography at the secondary school in Faubourg de Montbeliard. During the Second World War, he co-founded the "Libré-Nord" underground Resistance organization, which helped smuggle Jews from German-occupied France into Switzerland. As a result, he was arrested by the Gestapo in October 1943 and deported to Germany, where he was held prisoner until the end of the war in Buchenwald and Dora Concentration Camps. After returning home, he was also elected to the French National Assembly as a deputy of the Socialist party (SFIO). Rassinier was profoundly distressed by the many lies and myths about the concentration camps that were being circulated. In a series of books, Rassinier related his camp experiences, and sought to set the record straight about the camps and Germany's wartime Jewish policy.

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