Greg Raven

Born in 1953, he has lived most of his life in southern California. Since he began making his living as a writer in the late 1970s, he has turned out sales materials, radio plays, stand-up comedy, numerous magazine articles, computer documentation manuals, reviews, and two books. Between 1992 and 2002 he worked for the Institute for Historical Review and was associate editor of the now defunct Journal of Historical Review.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Reference Work on the Third Reich is Riddled with Errors, Book Review English 1993-07-01
Flawed Documentary of Execution Expert, Movie Review English 2000-03-01
David McCalden Most Macabre Halloween Holocaust Tale Challenge, An Ongoing Contest English 2005-09-01
Schindler’s List, Movie Review English 1994-05-01
Editorial Note English 1994-09-01
Bradley Smith’s "Campus Project" Generates Nationwide Publicity for Holocaust Revisionism, Unprecedented Media Coverage of Holocaust "Open Debate" Campaign English 1994-07-01
Multi-Media "Liberators" Project Exposed as Fraud, Historical Truth Survives "Politically Correct" Exploitation English 1993-05-01
Wiesenthal Re-Confirms: ‘No Extermination Camps on German Soil’ English 1993-05-01
David Irving's Most Un-Excellent Adventure, British Historian Deported from Canada for Skeptical Views on Holocaust Story English 1993-01-01
New Biography Assails Churchill’s War Record, Revisionist Work Sets Off Heated Debate English 1993-03-01
The Holocaust in American Life, Book Review English 2001-05-01
The Thought Heard ’Round the World English 2001-05-01
Record and Mission of the Institute for Historical Review, Focus on the IHR English 1995-09-01
Major Holocaust Polls Show Built-In Bias, Major Holocaust Polls Show Built-In Bias English 1995-01-01
‘No Gas Chambers’ Says Influential Japanese Magazine, Jewish-Zionist Boycott Campaign Shuts Down Prominent Monthly English 1995-03-01
Made-for-TV Movie More Fair than the 'War Crimes' Trial It Depicts, Movie Review English 2000-08-01
A Track Record Recalled by a Couple Friends, (On the 200th Issue of Smith’s Report) English 2013-10-30
"The Journal of Historical Review" index, 1980 to 1993 English 1993-11-01
"The Journal of Historical Review," A Look Back English 1993-11-01
Victory for Irving in Australia Free Speech Struggle, Censorship Update from Down Under English 1993-11-01
"The Journal of Historical Review" index, 1980-1998 English 1999-02-15
Defense Department Booklet Targets Holocaust Revisionism, Is Revisionism a Threat to National Security? English 1997-05-01
Dramatic New Videotape Presentation Takes Aim at Key Holocaust Claims, Auschwitz Museum Official Admits "Gas Chamber" is Postwar Reconstruction English 1993-03-01