Lady Michele Renouf

Michèle Suzanne Renouf (née Mainwaring; born 1946) is an Australian-born British political activist. An article in The Telegraph in February 2009 described her as a "one-time actress" and "former model and beauty queen" who since the late 1990s "has attended and spoken at Holocaust 'revisionist' conferences and written papers on the subject".[1]

Lady Michele Renouf Jailing Opinions (3 of 3) 2006.

Lady Michele Renouf narrates the story (32 minutes) of David Irving, the super writer and incredible researcher being arrested in Vienna, Austria in 2006, in this third part of Jailing Opinions. Lady Michele shows how the details and the facts behind this undoubtedly politically inspired effort to silence David Irving, whose knowledge of World War II is unparalled. This is a disturbing view of a country where the wrong people are in government, and the abuse of the law is usually. The law is distorted and used to silence those who tell the truth, while the state lies and lies.

Lady Michele Renouf Jailing Opinions (2 of 3) 2006 (43:56)

In this video Richard Edmonds, a speaker from England, speaks (43 minutes) to a meeting in January 2006. Richard talks at length about the falsity of the "gas chambers". Richard talks about the importance of free speech, free enquiry, and free discussion. Richard talks about the Nuremberg "Trials" and demonstrates that that they were a fraud. Even today the idea that it was a fair and impartial process is completely maintained. Richard shows that the "Holocaust" is a fraud and a lie. Richard shows that so many "confessions" obtained by the Allies were the result of torture.