Vincent Reynouard

Vincent Reynouard, born in 1969, is a French historian specializing in the Second World War who has been punished for violating France’s controversial “Gayssot” law by expressing dissident views about twentieth century history. Reynouard studied in Caen, Normandy, and graduated as a chemical engineer. He then taught mathematics at professional secondary schools. However, in 1997 he was fired for political reasons by the French Education Minister, after the discovery of revisionist texts on the hard disk of the computer which he used at school. Since then Reynouard has survived on his writings as a historian. He is the author of several dozen essays or brochures on diverse subjects, mostly dealing with World War II. He is the author of a book about the Oradour-sur-Glane “massacre,” a clash in a French village in June 1944 between German SS troops and French Resistance fighters in which 640 civilians died.

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Documents by this author

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